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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Websense has filtered out... The Onion?? 6

OK, I don't mind that websense occasionally likes to filter out memepool, because it sometimes has 'naughty' stuff in the blogs. But The Onion is blocked cause of "Alternative Journals"?!?! Bleh!
I heard a quick take on an onion story on stern this morning that I was dying to read and send out to people, but it looks like it might poison my mind in some way... *grumble*

Here's hopin that WebSense doesn't find out about BBSpot and Satire Wire.
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Websense has filtered out... The Onion??

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  • "Smart Filter" has labeled it "Extreme Humor" and blocked it. You never notice how many Onion references there are every day until you can't read them. :(
  • go find yourself an open proxy. the trolls should be able to help you.'s (chock-full-of-ads) free service may be helpful as well.

    of course, pray that websense doesnt find out about another "alternative journal" site - slashdot :-)
  • What good wholesome american site would have a couple of homos with a weekly section on subverting societal norms, to turn America's youth into pansy, commie, queers.
  • It does have some profanity and sex. But then again, I don't see how that qualifies it as a blockworthy "alternative journal".
    • It qualifies because, unless you work for The (insert city name here) Times, you aren't "working" when you troll for stories to pass off as your own to your drunken, dwarf editor.

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