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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Sa-weet 3

This weekend we decided that there was simply too much stuff upstairs and not enough space... especially kids stuff (wife watches our two kids and our niece through the week). Since we don't like to drag the kids and stuff down to the basement (half of which is finished and contains my computers and server), we made a big decision...
We moved our bedroom downstairs and made our old bedroom into a playroom. We have plenty of room for everything, and our new bedroom is nice and big. The best part, though, is that I am watching my TiVo on the couch, with my laptop in my lap, and I'm on the net :D
OK, I'm behind the times. I have no wireless setup in my house, so this is as good as it gets until I decide to upgrade (but now I don't really have to!) :)
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  • I still have a 36.6K connection. :-(
  • Yeesh, you can get refurbed g wireless routers for $20 these days. At the very least it's worth having the hardware firewall and NAT'ing to give you a touch more security unless you're still on *shudder* POTS dial-ups...

    Don't worry, technology isn't all that scary. Embrace the wave, drink the kool-aid. :-D
    • i think fort knox has the skill and ability to build and run a hardware firewall... heck, _I_ had the skill and ability to do that in 1999... Although i find my linksys much faster/easier to use (it's a wireless b model :p and i don't use wireless anymore as my laptop couldn't handle me), they're actually less secure than a properly configured hardware firewall, since they have have a 'default' login of "" with a default password of "admin", although IIRC current firmwares require the 'reset' button on th

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