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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A reply to Em's JE 18

Yar! I hate this banning shit. I had to reply to Em's latest JE...

He isn't talking about going out to a chophouse... the man is talking about a meal he wants to make. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Em knows how to make a good steak. And for all you guys yearning for a chophouse... learn to make a good steak and save yourself about $20 for a meal you can make yourself!

I got down my 'cooking steak on a cast iron skillet' skills down after about 3 tries (the 3 tries weren't bad, but not nearly as good as how well I cook'm now). Its really not tough... watch a few Good Eats episodes on steak (he has like 3 of them), get a good cast iron skillet, learn how to pick out good meat, get yourself a good ribeye steak (not a strip steak), and get yourself some good ingredients. You'll still save $20 from the price you'd get from one of those fancy chophouses, and you'll get good enough to compete with their tastes!
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A reply to Em's JE

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  • I LIKE going to restaurants. I LIKE getting out of the house.

    Damn you guys!!! Damn you all to hell!

    YES, it's fun to cook your own steaks, but sometimes it's nice to go out with all the other adults and enjoy a night out for criminies' sake!

    The Chicago chop house is an excellent place to do so! 5,000 wines to choose from, being waited on, great desserts, and, NO WORK! I'll pay for that.
    • Going out is fun , so is staying in and cooking a sitr fry or a good kurma or madrass (mmmmm curry), Actualy this afternoon i made a lovely tai stir fry.
      I think i will go out tomorow though ,Only reason i hate it is having to pay a tip even if the service is shody
  • I have a hard time convincing myself to cook steaks inside using a cast iron skillet.

    I've done it several times, it turns out pretty damned tasty, and yet, it just feels wrong.

    I may give it a go again. My damned grill is developing some serious hot spots/cold spots.

    Time to upgrade, but if I do, I'm getting a combo smoker/griller and they are not cheap. (The good ones anyway)

    Weird though, about the skillet thing. Normally, I don't care how food is prepared as long as it tastes good, but I was raised c
    • cooking meat inside is wrong. turkey and chicken are not meats, so they don't really count. beef, pork, lamb ... those are meats. made to be cooked outside, on the grill. charcoal grill ... none of this sissy-willow suburbanite natural gas noise. i want the carcinogens. damn, they're tasty

      anyways, cooking inside is wrong. my parents somehow figured out how to make it more wrong, and bought one of those indoor, electric grills

      i've been cooking quite a bit outside lately, now that it's baseball season.
    • If you need therapy -- a lot of us are in trouble. I just don't feel the same standing at the stove with a beer in my hand as I do out at the grill. And steak-- forget it.

      Of course we've been running 100+ for a few days now and turning on the oven is punishable by death. I grill everything. Electric bills will be bad enough for the next 3 or 4 months.
  • I thought they were never going to lift the ban. It pissed me off because I only had 1 post that got modded all the way down to -1 and I was banned for about a week.

    And WTF is this please type the text show on this image shit? Yes, let's make you type something in that we have made so unreadable by human eyes, that it takes you 2-3 times to input properly. Is this a ?@#$ing "e" or "c" I can't tell because you idiots put a ?@#$ing line through it!!!

    Sorry, had to rant. I hate these things to make sure that
  • email me your home addy, if you don't mind.. I got something for you... bofh31337 at gmail

    It's something for you and the wife, presuming you can find a baby sitter...
  • Why cook food myself when I can have someone else do it for me and get it right every time? :)
    • Because not all of us are blessed with tolerable, competent restaurants within driving/walking distance. If they aren't franchised, it doesn't exist for me. I know of two restaurants near me that aren't franchised. One is a Greek place, which is fine if I want Greek food. The other is a foofy place that isn't worth the a la carte potato.

      I can clean out my fridge and outcook any of the places around. And I don't even pretend to match the skills of some around /.

    • So you gonna marry a chef ;)

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