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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football Anyone? 10

Starting next week, beer on Sundays will once again have a meaning. Preseason action is beginning, and that means I'm thinking a lot about football, lately.

Anyone interested in NFL Football?

What about a friendly free game of Fantasy Football?

Anyone? I like to play live draft (draft in a chat window), play with 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF/ST, and have 16 total spots on your roster.
1 pt for 10 rushing yards, 1 pt for 15 recieving yards, and 1 pt for 15 passing yards for QB. 6 points for receiving, passing, and rushing TD. Extra point for 30+yard reception, extra point for 20+yard rush. 1 pt for PAT, 3 for FG (more for longer distance).

The setup can be changed if you prefer it some other way, of course.

Well? Who's interested? You don't need to really know football a ton, just interested in it. Fantasy Football is a great way to get to learn the sport, and you'll have someone to cheer for each game you watch!
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Fantasy Football Anyone?

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  • I'm interested. When would the draft be though, since I am a night worker for the moment.

    Besides, all you need to know is A-train will have another stellar year. Go Bears!
    • We'll determine the best time to draft with everyone's schedules. If all else fails, we can do an email draft (we'll just need to know early, because email drafts can last a week).
  • i loooove fantasy football. :)
    • Welcome aboard! How'd you get into Football (I'm curious, because but I've never been in a league with a female)? I had to train the wife to watch it with me. ;-)
      • Argh, that was meant to be a preview. I was gonna mention that my sister is getting into it, and I'm gonna try and talk the wife into joining my league.
      • I never quite know how to respond to 'how'd you get into sports?' type questions because I have no idea. I've always watched sports...always loved hokcey and football, always liked baseball, always hated pro-basketball, but loved march madness...

        I got into Fantasy football in grad school when my friend was running a league (back when sandbox didn't send 15 million spams a day, so it was worth it to use them)

        *shrug* Just always liked 'em...

  • I'm up for a little FF.
  • 'nuff said. Keep me informed...
  • But I may not have the time to devote to it until the regular season starts. :/
  • I haven't done a live draft before - I've always done the Yahoo! auto-pick leagues.

    It would all depend on when the live draft would be.

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