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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A Petition? 8

Should we (we, being regular slashdot readers that post above 0) start a petition to bring -1 posters back? Is there enough interest? Think it would matter?

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A Petition?

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  • Personally, I don't want -1 posters back. The vast majority deserve to be there. I would however sign a petition to lower the limit of when -1 kicks in. A -1 karam is too high, since a newbie can get slammed. Perhaps -10 should be the limit to earn a -1?
    • it is. At least in the default Slashcode install, karma from -1 to -9 posts at 0, and -10 and below post at -1.

      • Well that's good! Someone said it started at -1 on /. -10 is a much more reasoable limit.

        Well, I am still against the petition. Not having all these crap flooders is a Good Thing(tm).

    • I don't want -1 posters back either. Even if there were injustice, it would be so little, that it wouldn't be worth your time to try to make a difference. I think that if people were to spend time making a petition, people should ask realistically how much time they can devote to it, and what causes are more deserving of that time.

      With /., a person can always start a new account and start posting at 1 again. Better yet, they can always start posting a
  • I like many of the trolls. The first three or four times I see them. Then it just gets lame.

    What I want to see is mod it 'troll' once, and be done with it. That way, when I set 'troll +1', I'm not screwed when that +1 competes with 20 down mods. The moderation is just too fucked up to work. Maybe.

    But the whole point is moot. We were ignored during the blackout. We would be ignored with this.

    CT has stated over and over and over again that those of us who post are essentially wasting bandwidth, and not providing enough return on their investment. We are not the real consumers of /. We are not stakeholders.

  • CT does what he wants. He takes suggestions, but if you make it look like he is being pressured into something you're out of luck.

    He certainly wouldn't change it so quickly after implementing it. Maybe after a few months you could point to some results or trends to back up your argument. He obviously liked the idea enough to have it coded up, so I would guess that he won't go back on a whim.

  • to filter us out if you wanted. The limit is utter bullshit. I hardly read /. any more, rarely post. At this point I honestly hardly care. I have been a part of slashdot for almost four years now, and my time here is nearing its end.

    I do understand the thought process behind what is happening. CmdrTaco is the brunt of much of the trolls, and now that he is married he does not want to be made to look bad. I can see the reasoning. What he is failing to consider is that a large part of slashdot is/was the trolls/crapflooders. I know that even before I joined the dark side that was why I read. Now truly gifted content providers (for that is what many so called trolls are) such as Bank Of America ATM, Turd Report, On By, any of the WIPOs, and many more, are being squashed. But then again, what do I know? I DO IT WRONG!!!

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