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Comment Re: I have unlimited with Straight Talk (Score 1) 209

Yeah I have straight talk att Sim. Make sure it's att and not T-Mobile. (Unless T-Mobile doesn't suck in your area like it does in mine). It's 45 for unlimited talk text. 3gb LTE no throttle. After 3gb it throttles to 2g speeds.

Customer service can suck. You have to know how to edit your own APN your self. But they do based on your phone number give you the right settings. I have 2 phones over 2 years with them so far. You can port your number in but if you don't pay a month you have chance of losing your number. I have auto pay and they give me discount. With taxes it's 46.75 total. Net10 is same company without Walmart as a partner like straight talk. My wife phone couldn't do picture messaging on net 10 for some reason so we went to straight talk. Been very happy.

Comment Not that I want to comment on a BH rant (Score 1) 291

But why buy a phone without looking at reviews? Potentially looking at xda if there is a community for it? I once had a real cheap android phone, but because of XDA, got more space, and had it running much faster/better then the way it came.

I'm not saying that XDA route is for everyone, but you're posting on a Tech type website about this. You would think you would at least do the bare minimum research before dropping what $280+ for this? (that's min with out contract that I saw, most of times it was 300-400)

But I mean did you want a full blown hardware keyboard? Cause a 16gb Nexus 5 is only $350, new. I'm sure there are some other models out there that are cheaper but better then your complaints.

I mean if you really want a hardware keyboard, you really don't have many options because they aren't that popular. Plus with the Google swype thing built into the software keyboard, I type way faster doing that then with a hardware keyboard. Takes like 5 minutes to get used to it.

Comment Re:This is why I straight talk on AT&T (Score 1) 321

I know they are. But on net10 my wife had issues with data. My sim card in her phone, data, her sim card in my phone no data. And yeah the CS with tracfone is outsourced, it sux. I can't understand them.

Why I switched to ST. MMS/SMS/Data/etc all work. Have had no issues.

In fact using their website to get the APN, her APN is different from mine. I think because mine is an old cut down Sim, and here's is the one made for micro newer.

Comment Re:This is why I straight talk on AT&T (Score 1) 321

Not same price, my discount for auto pay is $42.50, cricket is $45, and I get 500mb more in data, however that $10 off per line. Tempting. But so far past almost 2 years been happy with ST. Gonna stick with it for now. But thanks for heads up. Always looking for other MNVO's for ATT.

Comment This is why I straight talk on AT&T (Score 1) 321

Yes when you cross the border you don't get service (I live in NY near border).

However, a cheap prepaid sim up in Canada is easy to get at a convenience store or mall.

So I pay $42.50/month (ebay for wife, discount for auto refill on mine) for unlimited calls/texts/data (LTE speeds for 3gb, 2g/3g speeds after 3gb), and no surprise bills. With my unlocked Nexus 4, just get a cheap sim when you cross a border, go international.

I tried talking a few people into pre pay, but they don't like it. They like monthly bills and not having to remember to fill every month. I don't get it. Why pay a premium?

Yes customer service sucks, but I personally haven't had issues with ST. And I can always switch to net10 or another AT&T provider at end of period with no penalties if I want.

(I use AT&T because the coverage is better then Tmobile and it's sim based. I'd go verizon for their coverage if they did Sim Cards).

Comment Time Limit and Age, plus school is doing it (Score 1) 355

We didn't give a tablet until age 4, for a very long car trip is what started it. They don't get it every day. Usually once or twice a week, and we limit it to 30 minutes. Sometimes an hour if it's a non school day.

But my daughter love's lego friends. And my son is huge into super heros/star wars lego's. Yes they are expensive, but we find sales usually.

I find it's about all around letting them do things. Out side play. Some kinect for bowling once in awhile instead of tablet time. Studying/reading/walking/biking. Just letting them go in my parents back yard for a few hours of "unsupervised" play (can see from deck/indoors).

My kids are now 5 and 7, K and 2nd. As soon as they start school they are on computers, touchscreens, tablets, etc. They have this white board thing. My daughter can pick up any electronic device and just know, faster then my wife. She's shown my wife how to operate the plex/chromecast device when my wife was first learning.

I don't necessarily see tablets/touchscreens as a bad thing, as long as in moderation. But esp since they are using it in school almost right away.

Comment Assistant Principal doesn't believe it was bullyin (Score 2) 798

(assistant principal Aaron ) Skrbin testified that the district had records of Love complaining about students bullying her son, including an incident in October in which a student hit her son with “spitwads,” even after her son told him to stop.
“To be blunt, I would not classifying that as bullying,” Skrbin said.


I was bullyed in high school. Swirlies/harrassment/vocal/physical. Worst 4 years of my life. I never had the courage back then to stand up, and/or tell my parents. I've since grown and now I'll stand up to random people on street harrassing a complete stranger. It's just gaining confidence, but in HS it's hard to gain that while being bullied.

But spitwads are a form of bullying, esp if requested to stop and it doesn't and it escalates. It's a way of hummiliating someone. I can't stand teachers/adults in position like this and they nothing against the bullies. no let's punish the victims. I always hoped that with the bullying issue brought more to light a few years ago, this would end, but nope teachers still blaiming the victims. It's sickening.

Comment Re:Why is Google not a telecom? (Score 4, Informative) 291

I believe it's narrowly defined as telephone service and VOIP doesn't count. According to AT&T spokeperson, Google even agree's they don't fit the requirement as a telecom.

So like I posted below, update the regulation to include any form of communication, or if you want to keep it narrow add ISP's. I don't think even if the fed's don't change it, that AT&T has a leg to stand on. The city owns the right of ways and can change what's allowed within their borders IMO. But IANAL.

Comment Update federal guidelines (Score 2) 291

It seems to me AT&T's complaint is that Google isn't a telecom or cable provider as defined by federal law. Well back when it was probably defined, dedicated internet companies probably didn't exist or were in their infancy.

All the city is doing is saying yes you have to lease your polls to a ISP also. I don't see the problem.

AT&T is just trying to block competition, which I understand being greedy and they want their monopoly like every other cable co, but they are going to loose.

I wish Fed's would just add ISP's to that list. But if you read the article, the city is right. They don't want a ton of poles in 1 spot just because some douche company won't lease to another company and also construction. The poles are there, let em lease em.

Comment Re:I never understood the vendetta against lyrics (Score 1) 281

Wish I had mod points. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a song on the radio at a friends or just out and about or blaring from the radio across the street (rarely listen to actual radio in my car or home) and searched the web by lyrics to find artist/song. Then I went and bought it on itunes.

Basically they want to reduce sales. I don't understand these people.

Comment Re:Missing Groklaw (Score 1) 278

No they aren't. As of Aug 20th 2013 they no longer are covering anything.

Read the front page of Groklaw. That's an old story you linked to. Nothing to do with the current story that the slashdot summary is linking to.

Unfortunately, now you only have the MS paid shrills covering the story. Groklaw was my goto place for stuff like this. It's truly a travesty that it's not going to keep going on.

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