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Journal Journal: Day 1. 26-01-2006

This is my 1st Journal entry of any kind. I just never thought I had anything worth logging. I still don't but I'm doing it anyway. Prepare for the worst grammar on Slashdot.

Now to dive right into the gripeing and complaining.

1. I was scheduled to do a bit of diagnostics on one of our Servers last night. Now to explain clearly. I am NOT the internal sysadmin. But we have 1 internal admin for the whole Caribbean. That guy is in Trinidad and I am in Jamaica.

So to do hardware level work on this box, I have to be assigned temporary admin access. So called the guy up at the appoint ted time and wow. He was asleep and cranky. Needless to say no work got done.

2. Our Prime Minister is retiring and his party is having an internal election among it's 4,500 delegates for his replacement. On Sunday he announced the date and location for this election. 25/2/2006 at the National Arena.

An OK plan except that the Gibson Relays are on the same day at the Stadium. 40,000 Sprint fans and 4500 Party fans. In a country where people do get killed over politics.

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