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Comment um.. Not that Educated But... (Score 0) 303

Regardless of 'who' built the 'what'.. does it not at least cause the mind to wonder.. " If we can find 'faster than light' neutrinos , that we could develop or find a way to Sail on such a thing? " FTL Sails for Space travel? What are the ramifications of this find ? What could this find mean to FTL travel. That was my first thought upon reading the above.. not .. WHO BUILT WHAT and HOW MUCH THEY DID or DID NOT SPEND.. and what is the Meaning of the Word 'TUNNEL' . Just the Uneducated , Wanna be , Space File here. Or would that be Cosmo-phile? Trek E ? Wanna Be Science Geek ? and No , I don't speak Italian either.

Comment Re:They're not? (Score 0) 209

Ok whet to a Latin translation Forum , No comments .. Sure I am not a Latin student.. lemme in on the Joke.. what does :: vos nescitis quicquam, nec cogitatis quia expedit nobis ut unus moriatur homo pro populo et non tota gens pereat Mean ? Is it rude or some thing? I think the Latin folks were not interested in helping me figure this out. The Word for Word Latin Translation didn't wash.

Comment Re:Amoral != Immoral (Score 0) 209

Or Correct me if I am wrong.. but the Amoral statement would be Neither Moral or immoral, right ? Isn't that just what the writer says ? Only that it can tend towards Immoral ? 'microtransactions in games are an amoral concept that can be used for good or evil" I am not the educated one.. but I think amoral fits.. read the article may be ?

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 0) 102

Wow.. I feel almost shocked. I was looking it over. When I was very young ( is 44 now ) I would read books of young men getting into Harvard or Yale. I would think.. the Privileged get into schools like that. The Rich , Well Healed.. Very intelligent and Well trained. At first I was put off by the Name.. it still has so much Clout to the name. For those that are impressed by this.. Ok ok.. I am.. that is very nice. I am looking over the req's on this.. I need some extra schooling to make sure my writing would be up to snuff.. and a few other pre req's. But what a Goal! Even "I" could get into such a thing. Not saying that would be Easy or easy peasy. I see the difficulty. Hard work. REAL work. But what a Olive Branch or saving LINE that is for me. Just for a what was that.. explanation.. ITT is a Technical school for Computer Geeks.. very well respected.. It may not be MIT.. the Mecca of all TRUE Computer and Science Geeks here.. but it is an affordable step. Funny you should write me when you did.. My friends often say.. You are such a Geek.. you should go back to school. Or.. You may be wasting your brains on this or that job. I feel humbled by those with really Ordered minds.. I feel my lack of understanding.. My lack of Order.. as if the parts for the Cannon are all there.. but not put together and No shells to fire. This sort of Science.. excites me.. though not all would like my opinions.. I am not a conservative.. republican.. or typical religious.. But I look for science to see GOD in the details.. I am one who will bend to Fact.. Not Theory.. so don't get me wrong. I have no agenda that I am aware of.. My beliefs are Mine.. I don't push on anyone..what they don't see or want to see. But Scientific method is Wisdom.. I like that. Not sure if there are ways.. but find me in here some time.. I'll let you know how I go forward with that. My first focus right now.. is work. the rest comes after.. But.. this looks like a great goal. One.. I think with a great deal of effort I can get in.. and even more effort.. finish. Thank You for your Help

Comment Not Usable for Living Beings (Score 0) 145

Not useful on living beings. Awwe too bad.. would have made a great Halloween Costume choice.. provided it could be reversed in short order. Women want men to be transparent.. Right ? If were useful for the Living.. I wonder how this might change Medical science .. surgery , Nero Science and such ? It must be terribly Toxic.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 0) 102

That was very kind.. not rude at all. I have been reading.. some times I think , by the time I have finished someone's Idea.. quantum has passed it by. I am searching for work right now.. Went through all of the Economic crap with a JOB till last year.. doing ok. Was scheduled to start at ITT in Long Beach last year. Had to put that down. I have been Playing with Linux for a few years.. and I do mean 'playing with'. I am still not a Command Terminal guy. ( except some simple simple basics. ) I read in science (s) I follow some trains of thought.. the ORDER some of you bring to thought is Stunning.. I could listen to folks like this talk all day long. i would think there are a dozen or so classes that bring this order. I think Going back to school.. would be like going to high school again.. Chemistry.. I don't even know the Tables.. Higher Math.. the Forms of Research.. Logical thinking.. I am not sure why.. but my Image of the Universe seems to gravitate.. sorry for the pun.. towards it being woven like a tapestry. I would not be surprised if Gravity were a reaction to set of Elements found in matter.. the larger the reaction.. IE a sun.. the higher.. putting off a field.. one that repels and when coming into contact with others of that Element.. attracts. Positive and negative in a sense. I get this idea that all suns are some how networked and affect each other. Not just by gravity but the reaction.. my idea.. causing the gravity. I would not be surprised if there were a full lack of some Element in a moon.. that would cause a sun to repel it from the sun. All half brained ideas.. none based off of any sort of Science.. I am sure.. just an Image in my head. I think the repel is what causes the ever expanding Universe.. and the Attract is what keeps the simple orders of things. But nothing like this could be added to /. I have no science for it.. all pipe dreams.. no research.. I can not even write my idea citing any other person who has half an idea like mine. But I would love.. In school.. to study why this idea can not be.. what Facts do we know that shoot it down. Then discover Where my gut feeling of a Network , Tapestry or such.. could come into play. Thanks for again being very Kind.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 0) 102

Thanks.. I guess I am not well versed.. though , It almost fits. I am surprised some one didn't flame me out for being too.. Uneducated to speak to the Post on Gravity. I think my wisest comment.. could be.. WE, just don't know. But it is good to try the theories. I can follow about half or less of what folks say.. That being I have not studied as you , many of you, have. I hope no one minds me sitting in.. and watching and learning.. I'll try not to be the DUH guy in the room. To be honest.. when I grasp a bit of what is said on these Posts.. I look really smart in Conversation.. pretty sad.. but.. true. At least , Tepples, you were kind.. thanks. Man.. are the whole lot of you MIT Grads? Super Coder writers ? Science Professors ? I read almost daily.. and for a few years now. Stimulating.. IF I had the education.. I see the way you all think.. how you form your ideas.. the order some put them in.. Fascinating.. It makes me think.. makes me theorise.. but I have none of the terminology to rightly state my ideas. i could try and state my idea's here.. but the Learning Curve would get me shot down.. I am sure. So.. me and Orville will sit back and read , watch the Sarcastic.. Ignorant and Brilliant.. pound out the real meat of it.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 0) 102

At the risk of sounding like I have an IQ of 10.. I can not help but say I am amazed at the intelligence in here. I know that I have the Cells to learn like many of you.. study and think in such a way as to talk-write coherently , yet not the education you all have. I see the divide between the obviously brilliant and the not so. I see the analytical minds.. the truly scientific minds.. those who REALLY understand so many types of Science that they can connect dots in their head and state brilliant things. I know many of us who read here are not as well trained as those of you who are of that camp. But I can not help but come back over and over again.. and watch the snarky.. and the brilliance shown here. I think.. having this sort of mind.. must-needs have an attitude.. at sense of sarcasm .. though the smugness we could all do without. I think I learn from the IQ heavy and the Lack there of's equally. and I love to see some one Put things into Clear perspective.. clear Point of View.. watching an Analytical Mind.. state things in truly amazing Order.. I wish I had that discipline. I am told My IQ is only about 128. But I think that can be wrong..and I could learn over years of Training.. to think more like some of you do. But I just wanted to NOD and Tip hat to the Brilliance and Snarks of /. Keep it up.. ( goes to pop pop corn and sit back and watch the thinkers and well.. wish they could's ) I mean none of this as a strait out But kiss.. but.. I still think.. it is amazing to watch brilliant minds work. Now.. could we solve the Debt problem and Economy now ? New Guy.

Comment Ok new here.. loves every one (Score 0) 233

Ok.. I have friends that are of Islam.. I'm not. But.. a "play on Moron in a round room.. and tell them Pee in a Corner." I believe many of the Islamic Faith are now growing in Education are Far from Idiots.. and the Extremisms the media likes to constantly look at are not a Fair Estimation of ALL of Islam. This being said.. I can joke with my Islamic Friends Who point themselves toward Mecca .. 5 times a day.. no matter where they are.. To pray. What I wanna see.. is 5 Muslims in a space Craft 5 light years away.. in a Gravity building spin.. and Ask THEM to Pray 5 times a day.. - see's them running every 2 minutes to reposition towards Mecca over and over again. Mooos leems In Space ... Space .. Space.. Space.. Sorry.. doesn't have any parody to Monte Pythons Jahadists in Space.. I was hunting. I refuse to say anything wrong about Allah or Mohomed.. or their book either. I tried reading it.. odd book for westerners.. but has very pretty sections. But before the New Guy gets Flamed or modded or called a Troll or anything..I can joke with those of Islamic background.. because they know I am not against them.. and they Don't like the extremists either. They Give the whole of them a bad name because of the Media. Let's kinda like.. Love one another.. On the Track of the real thread... I would go to the New Theme Park.. Sounds cool. Arabic does look more like Klingon though. Could really work for an Atmosphere thing. I'd like to see what 1.5 Billion would get them in a Sci Fi Theme. Might be worth Visiting.. Jordan is a Beautiful place ! Oh.. Heaven forbid they end up liking DUNE .

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