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The Perils of Developers Hooking Up 278

jammag writes "Who better for a developer to love than another developer? Yet as a veteran coder describes, it's not always a good idea for a programmer to fall for another programmer. He describes his experience observing — and getting partially pulled into — a romance within a development team. Part of the problem, perhaps, is that some developers spend so much time buried in code that, well, they quickly find themselves out of their league. Then again, why not love among the code?"

Comment Re:Why trust your ears? Unless you're blind that i (Score 2) 620

lastly but not least... unless the car is accelerating the biggest noise is the road noise (pavement vs vulcanized rubber). Last I checked, electric cars don't solve this problem. If you're relying on Engine noise to determine if a car is coming, you're already fairly screwed.

This is really just not true. I spend a lot of time on a road bicycle during the warmer months, so cars are passing all the time; and hybrids in electric mode are dead silent coming up behind you, frequently scaring the crap out me and my team mates. All other vehicles make audible noise. Not sure if it's the engine, the engine fan, or what. But you definitely hear it on internal combustion engines and not on hybrids in full electric mode.

Comment Re:Will Yahoo! follow suit? (Score 1) 275

In that respect, there's no such thing as "LAN security." THe cafe is really no less secure than anything else WRT your email's readability. Even if you're at work behind a corporate firewall, you should be similarly nervous. That email was in the clear across the internet. Even if it came form another coworker, a 3rd party at work could be snooping. Treat unencrypted email as if anyone could read it. 'cuz they can.

Outliers, The Story Of Success 357

TechForensics writes "Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, is subtitled "the story of success." It is a book that purports to explain why some people succeed far more than others. It suggests that a success like Bill Gates is more attributable to external factors than anything within the man. Even his birth date turns out to play a role of profound importance in the success of Bill Gates and Microsoft Corporation." Look below for the rest of Leon's review.

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