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Comment Funding options: (Score 1) 209

On the site, it asks "Who to fund?" and gives the options "Whatever Helps", "Democrats Only", and "Republicans Only".

Their FAQ states: "In 2014, our objective is to win seats on the basis of reform, and to show that we can win seats on the basis of reform. We don’t see any independent candidates on the federal level who could win this election cycle. Spending our donors money to support independent candidates doesn’t advance our objective."

Whoa whoa whoa... what? Supporting candidates who have advocated election and campaign finance reform as part of their agenda "doesn't advance our objective"?

Well, boy, I certainly feel better about funding this now!

Comment Favoritism. (Score 5, Insightful) 205

"The U.S. Department of Treasury estimated that in 2011 the Caribbean Banking Centers, which include Bahamas ...held almost $2 trillion dollars in United States debt." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

I bet there were some pretty juicy tidbits swept up in that massive dragnet. I certainly believe that tax evaders are a lot more of an actual threat to the US than the terrorism "boogeyman". So where are our prosecutions on this crap?

The answer is that there never will be. All this mass-surveillance will never actually be used to our benefit, only as a means enforcing the status quo for the powers that be.

Subversion Project Migrates To Git 162

New submitter gitficionado (3600283) writes "The Apache Subversion project has begun migrating its source code from the ASF Subversion repo to git. Last week, the Subversion PMC (project management committee) voted to migrate, and the migration has already begun. Although there was strong opposition to the move from the older and more conservative SVN devs, and reportedly a lot of grumbling and ranting when the vote was tallied, a member of the PMC (who asked to remain anonymous) told the author that 'this [migration] will finally let us get rid of the current broken design to a decentralized source control model [and we'll get] merge and rename done right after all this time.'" Source for the new git backend.

Comment Re:Go to hell (Score 1) 218

"Fall into the wrong hands"? They've already got their hands in the cookie jar. Snowden showed just how far the government has sunk their claws into telecom corporations. It's not a matter of "who controls it", because as far as I'm concerned it's compromised from conception. The ability shouldn't exist PERIOD.

Comment Re:Nothing new for IBM (Score 1) 61

Sorry I didn't see this notice until just now, seems that the comment notifications were broken for me. Here's some information on IBM's involvement in World War II: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_during_World_War_II

'His grand design for 1943 was a locator file in which would appear a Hollerith alphabetic punch card for each evacuee. These cards were to include standard demographic information about age, sex, education, occupation, family size, medical history, criminal record, and RC location. However, additional data categories about links to Japan were also maintained, such as years of residence in Japan and the extent of education received there... The punch card project was so extensive and immediate that the War Relocation Authority subcontracted the function to IBM.'

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