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Comment Reason no Micro USB (Score 1) 171

Pretty good take on the whole cable thing. From the article: People keep asking why Apple didn’t opt for the micro-USB connector. The answer is simple: that connector isn’t smart enough. It has only 5 pins: +5V, Ground, 2 digital data pins, and a sense pin, so most of the dock connector functions wouldn’t work – only charging and syncing would. Also, the pins are so small that no current plug/connector manufacturer allows the 2A needed for iPad charging. Note that this refers to individual pins; I’ve been told that several devices manage to get around this by some trick or other, but I couldn’t find any standard for doing so.

Comment Cable Companies are the downfall (Score 1) 341

I would love to see this into implementation so many years from now, but the problem is the cable companies. They don't want to upgrade their infrastructure so they compress their signal and current HDTV looks like crap on some channels. Until cable companies won't compress their signal then i'm not interested. I guess it's also fair to say that channels have to start delivering in HDTV as well too!

Comment Re:Touchscreen....No Thanks! (Score 1) 145

I completely agree with trying to make Kindle another tablet! It's a book reader for god's sake. The one thing I want it to do it does well. I have the 2nd gen Kindle and did not want to buy the current generation since mine works great still. I wanted to skip a generation until I upgraded my Kindle. Now I'm not so sure I want to upgrade if they release a touchscreen version.

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