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Comment Re:I'm al looking to move away from the Mac (Score 2) 315

I have a great machine from ZaReason in Berkeley CA. Great company, maintains their drivers and THOROUGHLY tests their builds. I run Warcraft and Flash and tons of video and audio on mine and never have issues. Beautiful machine. Going to get another here after this MacBook dies.

Comment Re:It went beyond debunking (Score 2) 121

They harassed him and tried to ruin his life. Hence why there is no more Gawker, the site bullied people...

Oh so it's bullying when its the truth that he doesn't want anyone to hear... but when it's a falsehood that he wants to spread, it's 'news'. Is that how it works??? This is Donald Trump isn't it? Come on... admit it. ;)

Comment Re: Supply and demand (Score 1) 587

Ok lets get something straight. We're not being replaced. Some of us are closing our source code, speaking at conferences and not sharing until this all passes. I speak at SpringOne, API World and consult with Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, Cisco, Apple, VMWare and others. And here is the honest truth: the problems that people had with outsourcing are the SAME problems we have now with in-sourcing. - people lie/exaggerate blatantly on their resumes to get into the country and get a job. This is so prevalent that Indian Universities/Consultantcies actual teach people to do this ( - cultural difference can make it difficult to get things accomplished and/or understood - cheap pay does not make up for longer development time and having to rebuild work. EVERY company that I have talked to who has done this has had issues and had to hire local experts to make up for the H1b/insourced work and either redo it or try to get it back on track. This in itself creates additional cost. Its like the lessons of the 90's-2000's are being learned all over again. An honest resume and people who are indoctrinated into your culture are who you want to use; you cannot shake and bake experience and culture.

Comment Re:Fool me once, shame on you... (Score 2) 252

Wait, we did fool them twice. Once with the dotcom bubble and then again with the Housing crash. Technically we fooled them several times if you take into consideration penny stocks and the federal savings and loan scandal as well. So maybe its more like 'fool me a couple dozen times, shame on my investors'

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