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Comment Re:bankrupt then what? (Score 1) 492

You can't discharge judgments based upon willful copyright infringement or any intentional tort in bankruptcy. He might be able to get rid of some credit card debt in bankruptcy, but any taxes, student loans, and this $675K judgment will all stick around. Plus his attorney's fees, trustees' fees, and court costs for the bankruptcy. Of course maybe he can get Nesson to represent him in bankruptcy too, he did a bang-up job with this case.

Comment Re:Another stupid analysis (Score 1) 313

I never said the idea or the researcher was either stupid or useless, on the contrary the research is probably brilliant. It is this site's analysis of research that is consistently worthless. The article and all of its commenters are raving about urea, and specifically urine, as an energy SOURCE and SOLUTION. It's never going to be.

Comment Re:Another stupid analysis (Score 1) 313

Not only do you have no concept of energy scale whatsoever (you couldn't boil down the ocean if you busted every subatomic bond in the fecal rumblings of your post)--but you are also wrong about where the urea in your piss comes from.

We don't go around eating urea-laden food and passing it into our piss (most of us, anyway, maybe you're a piss-guzzler). Ammonia is a toxic by-product of metabolism that makes your blood too alkaline. The body expends extra energy from the metabolism to synthesize urea from this waste ammonia, just as synthetic urea is made from ammonia found in coal or such, in order to put nitrogen in neutral, less toxic form that can be removed by the kidneys.

You fail. Fail, fail, fail.

Comment Another stupid analysis (Score 2, Insightful) 313

Urea will never be a significant energy source. Think about it, cars use far more energy than the total caloric intake of an animal (human or otherwise) per day. Yet WASTE product is supposed to supply all the energy needs of our vehicles?

Secondly, this would directly compete with our food sources even more so than biodiesel already does. Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer source that is in short supply. We already manufacture most of the world's urea supply from atmospheric nitrogen using up energy (mostly natural gas) in the process.

So in short, while this research may be of practical and academic interest, it is not going to usher in a new era of piss-powered cars.

Comment I kind of have to agree with the Leshers (Score 2, Informative) 344

Free speech doesn't give unlimited protection to libel.

Ars Technica (TFA) claims that the judge's order ignores previous rulings, yet the ones it cites are not on point. They involve politicians and business executives.

These involve purported libel of private figures acquitted of a crime.

Comment His photos couldn't be in the contest anyway (Score 1) 675

The contest rules on the front page say:

Each entry in Amtrak's "Picture our Train" photo contest must be an 8x10 color photo of an Amtrak train displaying the current Amtrak logo. No digital images will be accepted.

It also specifically reminds participants not to trespass:

Remember, SAFETY FIRST! Amtrak reminds the public and especially those who may photograph a train to stay out of danger. It is very important to stay away from tracks, moving trains, yards, railroad structures (such as bridges, trestles, towers and wires) and the railroad right-of-way. Photographers must not trespass on railroad property or on private property adjacent to the railroad.

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