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Comment Wow!! no one has said these. (Score 1) 278

The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling - Historical Fiction about Babbage.

The Ghost from the Grand Banks by Arthur C Clark - extensive subplot around chaos and fractal theory.

You can also make an argument about the Foundation series from Asimov being math based. The entire series is predicated on using math to predict the future and Humanities actions.

Comment There is NO WAY this is correct. MATH INSIDE (Score 5, Insightful) 464

Lets do some math....

The last ghost recon has sold 1.03 million units so far world wide. Which assuming the 95% piracy rate means 20.6 million units would have been sold or 14.7million units at the 93% piracy rate.

The original Bioshock on xbox360 only moved 2.53 million units worldwide, and we can assume a very low piracy rate as it was on Xbox 360 only. That game was a huge hit, the Last Ghost Recon did well not amazing.... So you are saying that between 5-9 time more people played Ghost recon vs Bioshock? Yes the lat Ghost recon has cross platform but even if you take that into account...

Anyone else see the math issue?

Data pulled from here.

Comment Re:lots of options (Score 1) 195

My thoughts exactly. Quickbooks works, the format is transferable to almost everything. You know the taxes will work out, and hell buying it itself is a business writeoff.

I am all about open source solutions for small offices, but do not skimp on your financial software. It will pay off much more in the long run.

The fact that quickbooks can handle everything from POS to inventory to payroll with no issues and little to no training, makes it a very obvious choice.

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