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Comment donate (Score 1) 235

them to a library which is specialized in that:

a) they can preserve the maps
b) you get a scan back
c) and some credit

you might not realize that even though the maps might be worth something, without proper care they will slowly dissolve.

Comment equipment (Score 1) 849

IRL we have headphones for $40 or the "free" ones that come with the player. or computer speakers, etc.

we have noises all around. at home. in the subway. wherever.

so honestly what does it matter. 160Kb/s aac, 192Kb/s mp3, FLAC, full PCM.

all of the 4 above sound *nearly* equally great in a "test" environment. and while walking down the steet with an mp3 player. it does not matter what of the above formats you use.

PLEASE at some point ... just enjoy the music, k?

Comment slashdot^2 (Score 4, Interesting) 288

i'll miss his blog. biotech, computers, physics ... it was slashdot^2 ... to bad he had to close down comments a few years ago due to abuse.

he was thinking ahead of his time. i would like to be that anticipating at that age.

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