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Revisiting the "Holy Trinity" of MMORPG Classes 362

A feature at Gamasutra examines one of the foundations of many MMORPGs — the idea that class roles within such a game fall into three basic categories: tank, healer, and damage dealer. The article evaluates the pros and cons of such an arrangement and takes a look at some alternatives. "Eliminating specialized roles means that we do away with boxing a class into a single role. Without Tanks, each class would have features that would help them participate in and survive many different encounters like heavy armor, strong avoidance, or some class or magical abilities that allow them to disengage from direct combat. Without specialized DPS, all classes should be able to do damage in order to defeat enemies. Some classes might specialize in damage type, like area of effect (AoE) damage; others might be able to exploit enemy weaknesses, and some might just be good at swinging a sharpened bit of metal in the right direction at a rapid rate. This design isn't just about having each class able to fill any trinity role. MMO combat would feel more dynamic in this system. Every player would have to react to combat events and defend against attacks."

Ad Viewing Required For Free Zune HD Games 131

UnknowingFool writes "In releasing the Zune HD, Microsoft decided not to open up software development on the new Zune to third parties yet. Today, Microsoft released a handful of free games for the Zune HD: Texas hold 'em, Sudoku, Space Battle 3, Shell Game, Of the Future, Hexic, Goo Splat and Chess, as well as calculator and weather apps. Users, however, are required to view an ad (up to 30 seconds in length) while the game starts up. While ad-supported free games are also on other platforms, like the iPhone, the difference here is that those iPhone games are from third parties and not from Apple." Reader Rock3t notes related news that the Zune HD will be getting 3D games.

No App Store For Microsoft's Zune HD 351

Xerfas writes 'Microsoft's Zune HD, set to go on sale Tuesday, will not feature an open application store like its competitor the iPod Touch. It will come with some unique features, though, like an HD radio tuner, and with software that has been well-received by users. Those capabilities will determine whether the ZuneHD sells well — and whether Microsoft decides to keep selling its own music player, said Matt Rosoff, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft.' The Zune marketing manager was quoted in the Seattle Times on whether the Zune would open up for 3rd-party apps, and he gave a response of such mind-numbing PR-speak that John Gruber of Daring Fireball was moved to provide this English translation: "No, because our mobile strategy is a convoluted mess."

Submission + - School Uniform to Block Cell Phone Emissions (

Foehg writes: " announces: "A Belarusian textile company has developed a special school uniform that protects kids from... electromagnetic radiation emanating from their cellphones! The uniform features a dedicated pocket that can store the phone and make it safe for those who wear it.""

Comment Re:Art without copyright (Score 1) 136

You make a good point that a lot of street styles are benefiting from the increased possibilities of information distribution afforded by the internet. But I wonder if you know the impact copyright is really having on dance.

I heard recently of some ballroom friends saying to their teacher "you know, it would be easier to practice at home if we could make videos of these steps", and the teacher says "Nope! These steps are choreography copyrighted by the man, and we're not to make videos of them."

Sick, really.

Comment I know you are, but what am I? (Score 1) 1870

I'm putting off studying for finals, and have nothing better to do than shoot my mouth off on Slashdot. I'm honestly snarky. As a human being who stands to benefit when culture grows through the free exchange of information, why would I approve of what copyright maximalists are doing? I mean, if I had to buy the albums of every MP3 I have on my hard drive, I would never have money again (or else I'd have to work harder to make a lot of money, and/or give up some of my music: both of which I would probably enjoy less).

I remember when AudioGalaxy got shut down. It was a horrible feeling. I wanted to find and beat the crap out of the people who ruined it.

I'm looking for a well-written and researched piece that can tell me why copyright and other intellectual property laws are good for society, not just some crap "I just want people to give me money" argument.

I mean, a lot of justifications I've seen for what they're doing are based around legal arguments (some would say loops). I'm actually more interested in the ethical side of things. Why is making it hard for people to share ethical?


Submission + - Bruce Schneier and RFE/RL on Internet Censorship (

Foehg writes: Radio Free Europe writes: A recent report by Freedom House has detailed a "new form of censorship" that has taken hold in CIS states. A particular target of governments' efforts to control what their citizens read is the Internet — and blocking websites has become common practice in some countries. RFE/RL correspondent Heather Maher asked Bruce Scheier, chief technical officer of computer-security company BT Counterpane, about how such blocking works and what can be done to counter it.

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