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Comment Re:Summary is COMPLETELY WRONG (Score 2) 433

+1 for the parent. As sysadmin in a french company running a public forum, I studied the law. Here are the interesting points :

Les données [...] que les personnes sont tenues de conserver en vertu de cette disposition, sont les suivantes :
3 Pour [les founisseurs de forum/blogs...], les informations fournies lors de la souscription d'un contrat par un utilisateur ou lors de la création d'un compte :
g) Le mot de passe ainsi que les données permettant de le vérifier ou de le modifier, dans leur dernière version mise à jour ;
Les données mentionnées aux 3 et 4 ne doivent être conservées que dans la mesure où les personnes les collectent habituellement.

Which can be roughly translated :

Data [...] that must be kept are :
3) For [forum/blogs/... providers] data given on subscription or account creation:
g) the password and the data that allows to check it or change it, in their latest version.
Data given in 3) and 4) must be kept only if they are usually kept.

As the MD5/SHA1 hash is a "data allowing the password to be checked", and the password in plain text might be among the data that are not usually kept, hashed passwords are perfectly legal way of keeping authentication information. The only obligation is to keep authentication information for one year, in any form.

However, the law forces to give it out to authorities on demand... As I think that MD5 cracking is not an big issue anymore, services providers willing to bring a hign level of confidentiality to they users should switch to higher security schemes.

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