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Australian Consumer Watchdog Takes Valve To Court 139

angry tapir writes The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, a government funded watchdog organization, is taking Valve to court. The court action relates to Valve's Steam distribution service. According to ACCC allegations, Valve misled Australian consumers about their rights under Australian law by saying that customers were not entitled to refunds for games under any circumstances.

Comment Switched to a webclient, never looked back (Score 1) 464

About two years ago, I had been stalwarthily been using Eudora, and could not imagine ever changing from a desktop-based client.

But then Eudora started to show its age (specifically, problesm with SSL certificates), and I started to look around for other alternatives, and found none what so ever.

I dug into a webclient, Roundcube, and have never looked back since, and so have a lot of my friends, so yes, i'm definately thinking that the desktop-based client is dying.

Comment Re:Huge misunderstanding (Score 1) 274

I like Blizzard games, and I bought D3 on launch, mostly based on the cred they have with me (also, I liked D2), and I thought that the online component could not be all bad.

Suffice to say, next time Blizzard releases a game with the same requirements, it will not be a day 1 purchase, and I have plenty of gaming friends that feel the same way.

From here, they have lost a lot of credibility.

Comment This site was excellent during the Olympics (Score 1) 82

I saw almost all of my olympics on this site, (obviously not really active now)

Not the greatest quality, but it was legal, and free, and you simply got the basic feed that Eurovision sent to TV channels around the world, so no commentators or anything, it was just pure Olympics, and you could watch an event from start to finish if you'd like.

I would gladly have paid good money for an HD version, but it was simply not possible to pay for better service.

I hope that Rio does something like this, and then just takes it a step further.

Comment Not the rapid release cycle, but (Score 3, Insightful) 665

I am a long time FF user, and have done a few extensions as well, and its not really the rapid release cycle that annoys me.

No, the constant change of the user interface, and decisions chosen by people who don't know anything about me or how I like to use my browser.

I cannot fathom why, when they change UI, they don't keep the "old" look in, and let existing users change to it, if they like, or stay in the old look, if they like that.

One of the largest bullet points in FireFox is that you can tailor the browser to your needs, via extensions, but somehow this doesn't extend to the most important part of the browser, or, any program for that sake, namely the UI.

THIS annoys me to no end.

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