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Comment I Orders, and Why is This News? (Score 1, Informative) 285

I got one, took me a long time to get through the servers being jammed. But why is this news? I know, every time we we post a Slashdot story about hammering a server we should post it again! Brilliant! I just doubled the amount of stories on Slashdot. Maybe infinitely if we keep on crashing them.

Comment Re:DotA legacy (Score 1) 118

uh, there are plenty of changes to this game. Orb stacking change, new heroes, new unique abilities never seen in DoTA (Zephyr), courier abilities, reconnecting, stats, matchmaking, maps, new graphics for well known models, lots of balancing with items. Also your argument (I would say QQing) about casters not scaling in any meaningful way is bullshit. 1) Casters are more powerful early compared to carries and are usually support. 2) Carries (usually agility heroes) are underpowered at the beginning of the game. 3) It is your playground as a caster early game. You do good there, you are likely going to win. 4) Like hell you don't scale well. Zeus from DotA scaled to do more damage as everyone else got more powerful. There are lots of examples. 5) Caters are usually support. It's like you're complaining that you choose a cleric to heal in a MMO and can't dps well now. That is what is great, after 1 game you can pick a new hero. Full of crap again about not making a move. The ones who make move are the winners. A key gank one a hero. A tower push, an awesome ult pulled off to coordinate your team annihilating the other side. I could go on and on about other points... My guess is you're a n00b at the game still. Which is fine. The learning curve to this game hurts as much as Eve Online.

Sony Joins the Offensive Against Pre-Owned Games 461

BanjoTed writes "In a move to counter sales of pre-owned games, EA recently revealed DLC perks for those who buy new copies of Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Now, PlayStation platform holder Sony has jumped on the bandwagon with similar plans for the PSP's SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3. '[Players] will need to register their game online before they are able to access the multiplayer component of the title. UMD copies will use a redeemable code while the digital version will authenticate automatically in the background. Furthermore ... anyone buying a pre-owned copy of the game will be forced to cough up $20 to obtain a code to play online."
PC Games (Games)

Valve's Battle Against Cheaters 336

wjousts writes "IEEE Spectrum takes a look behind the scenes at Valve's on-going efforts to battle cheaters in online games: 'Cheating is a superserious threat,' says [Steam's lead engineer, John] Cook. 'Cheating is more of a serious threat than piracy.' The company combats this with its own Valve Anti-Cheat System, which a user consents to install in the Steam subscriber agreement. Cook says the software gets around anti-virus programs by handling all the operations that require administrator access to the user's machine. So, how important is preventing cheating? How much privacy are you willing to sacrifice in the interests of a level playing field? 'Valve also looks for changes within the player's computer processor's memory, which might indicate that cheat code is running.'"

MS Promotion Site Flagged By MS Anti-Phishing 279

Stony Stevenson writes "Microsoft has launched a marketing campaign that lets any student at an Australian university buy the Ultimate edition of Office 2007, usual price $1,150, for only $75 — a discount of about 93%. But when students go to the promotion site, Microsoft Live OneCare pops up a warning that the site may be a phishing scam. The warning reads: 'Phishing filter has determined this might be a phishing website. We recommend that you do not give any of your information to such websites. Phishing websites impersonate trustworthy websites for the purpose of obtaining your personal or financial information.'"

Submission + - Eavesdropping O.K. says Committee

ShoeUnited writes: "I was reading today in the AP about an article that says it is ok for Pres. Bush to use electronic eavesdropping.

To quote the article:
"A White House privacy board has determined that two of the Bush administration's controversial surveillance programs do not violate citizens' civil liberties. After operating mostly in secret for a year, the five-member Privacy and Civil Liberties Board is to release its first report to Congress next week.""

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