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Comment Re:ability to delete Flash cookies (Score 2) 110

Exactly ... I keep this directory "list only" at all times. Sometimes sites don't work without being able to write there ... most of the time I don't care enough about the video to change rights, but I will if I'm watching The Daily Show or something.

When I'm done, I clear the directory and re-lock it. I did the same for the ".adobe" directory, not sure if it's necessary

Comment Citi (Score 1) 180

I haven't seen Citi mentioned in anything I've read yet, I received an email from them a little while ago:

Dear [Flyers2391],

Recently, Citi was notified of a system breach at Epsilon, a third-party vendor that provides marketing services to a number of companies, including Citi. The information obtained was limited to the customer name and email address of some credit card customers. No account information or other information was compromised and therefore there is no reason to re-issue a new card.

Because e-mail addresses can be used for "phishing" attacks, we want to remind our customers of the following:

        * Citi Cards uses an Email Security Zone in all of our email to help you recognize that the email was sent by us. Customers should check the Email Security Zone to verify that the email you received is from CIti and reduce the risk of personal information being "phished". To help you recognize that the email was sent by Citi we will always include the following in the Email Security Zone in the top headline portion of all our emails:
                    o Your first name and last name
                    o Last four digits of your Citi card account number
                    o And recently to increase security, we have added your “member since” date located on the front of your card, where available.

        * ThankYou(SM) Rewards always includes your first name, last name, last four digits of your ThankYou Member ID, and Total Available Point Balance in the top headline portion of all our emails to help you recognize that the email was sent by us. Customers should check the top portion to verify that the email they have received is from ThankYou(SM) Rewards and reduce the risk of personal information being "phished".
        * More information about phishing is available here: [link]

Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 1) 319

... I was able to "convert" my wife from IE to FF a few months ago, however, her company's payroll system only works on IE. Once she switches it on, she continues using it. That to me is a big problem with FF. ...

I know it's not a solution, more of a work around, but install IE tab and specify the site so she doesn't have to leave firefox. That is what I do on family members' computers that need to visit certain "made for IE" web sites.

Comment Set Out of Office (Score 0) 238

I showed a few people at work this, maybe others don't know about it either. You can set and change your out of office message:

Messages > Options > Email Settings

In there, (besides being able to edit your signature) the bottom option should show "Use out of office reply" change that to yes and edit as desired.

Comment Depends on Priorities (Score 0) 616

As many have already commented, I too paid for my college education and worked through school. I knew in high school I was paying for it in full without help from my parents, so I planned accordingly. I worked about 40 hours/week throughout high school and college. My priorities were to pay for school as I was going AND save money. Most of my friends' priorities were to go away to school, have a good time away from the parents and get an education. I opted to go to a state school close enough that it was an hour train ride away.

Long story short, I graduated with more money than I started with and I own a small condominium, while most of my friends are still at their parents' or renting.

Submission + - Spam filtering for small/medium sized business? 2

or_is_it writes: The company I work for has been growing dramatically and I've been charged with the task of being the gatekeeper for our GFI Spam filters. This involves manually inspecting the subject line/to/from for all caught messages in each filter rule folder. For a company of about 50 people, in one day the number of Spam messages can easily exceed 2,000. Neglect it for a day and you end up with quite a task on your hands. I've made the rules lax enough so important messages can go through, along with a few stray Spams, for which I get bitched at. Tighten the rules up and then an important time-sensitive email never gets to its intended target and I get bitched at. Manually reading through all those subject lines is supposed to prevent that but I'm only human and genuine messages and easily get overlooked. How do larger organizations deal with Spam issues? I can't imagine having one centralized person manually inspecting everyone's Junk mail header is the optimal solution. I'm not afraid of purchasing a different commercial mail filter product, but I'd like to hear some anecdotal evidence before jumping ship.

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