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Comment Re:Just a DSLR (Score 2, Interesting) 85

I have the mini-eq and motor, and I am very happy with it for the price. This is a photo I took with it of the Orion Nebula. You can see some star trail, partially due to the mount and partially due to my shoddy alignment, but it is light years ahead of just using a tripod. 40 sec. f5.6 1600 iso 250 mm (404 mm effective) Orion mini-eq with motorized drive Canon EOS Xsi 55-250 EFS with image stabilization

Comment Re:Anyone know the economics on these? (Score 1) 462

While the Aptera is more efficient than the Tesla, the S uses about 1/2 the energy per mile the Prius does. This is usually compared on a "well to wheel" basis that includes wasted energy in the generation/transportation of the fuel. Tesla has a page on this stat.

Submission + - Wii caught the xbox 360

LucidLion writes: As reported here and according to the vgchartz, in less than a year the Wii has overtaken the XBox 360 and has become the fasted selling console ever. From the article:

The news marks the first time that Nintendo has been the leader in both the home console and handheld markets since 1994 when the company's Super NES and Game Boy lines reigned supreme. Currently, the DS and Wii are the top two selling system's in the industry.
With the way it's selling, any drought in Wii games probably won't last long.

Submission + - DARPA announces Urban Challenge teams (

jazz11man1 writes: Today, DARPA announced the 36 teams (pdf) that will be able to compete in the National Qualifying Event (NQE) for the Urban Challenge. They also announced that the competition will be held at an army training facility in Victorville, CA. Of the 36 teams that compete at the NQE from October 26-31, 2007, the top 20 will continue onto the final event on November 3.

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