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Comment Re:If anybody needs me... (Score 1) 484

I already work in a basement... cube farm. Cubes are 5 X 5 with 24 people sharing a 20' X 40' area. It's like working at a house party most days with people all talking at once, playing catch or vollyball over the wall (the walls are only 4' high) or kicking a soccer ball around the office. I'm at the edge of sanity most days. And, I'm constantly pressured to produce. A bit hard with interruptions every 10 seconds on average.

Comment Doesn't really matter... (Score 1) 300

As a pilot for 27 years, I have tried to use a cell phone even from small aircraft flying at lower altitudes. Above 8,000 ft., I have never been able to maintain a connection for more than a few seconds after which the phone disconnects. Above 10,000 ft., I can't even get a signal. So, I believe the cell phone argument on planes is just a moot point.

The only way to get cell phones to work (especially in large passenger aircraft) would be to have an on-board repeater of some sort. And, given that airlines aren't really bursting at the seams with cash right now, I don't think it's something you will see very soon.

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