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Comment Re:A cure for which there is no disease (Score 1) 249

Old style meters were broken,

How so ? Do you mean accounting for power factor ?

very difficult to calibrate,

Isn't this done only once at the factory ?

and the mechanics wear out over time.

Original meters (had off-peak service, so extra meter) lasted 40+ years on this house, and were only replaced when the utility went to the first generation wireless meter that could be read by the utility truck as it drove by the house. Those of course were then replaced less than ten years later by a smart meter. I honestly do not see modern equipment lasting as long as those mechanical meters. Even if they don't fail, they will probably become obsolete in a far shorter time, and have to be treated as electronic toxic waste. Such is progress.

Comment New LED backlight does not go dark enough. (Score 1) 118

At least for me the darn things are too bright even with brightness set to 0, especially at night. Maybe it's just the monitor I chose :/

On the plus side if I ever want to use this monitor outside in the sunlight, It might just be bright enough on high to do that.

As far as blue light, yea it helps a bit making things have a yellow tint, but it sure would be MORE helpful to have a lower range of brightness in general.

Comment Re:Blatant advert or what? (Score 2) 67

Many monitors do not support the full color spectrum, instead they dither colors to be 'closer'. This can cause unwanted artifacts. Also it will make some pixels 'not what the computer software intended'. Using a digital interface such as hdmi or displayport will not help in this case.

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