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Comment Re:Whining for the sake of whining (Score 2) 675

What hardship! Here is something faster than swiping or other electronic means: cash.

As a mostly cash paying customer, the new system is noticeably slower. I know this because I have to wait in line so long behind people using it. The learning curve slowing things down, I get that, however even someone that appears to be practiced in using chip and pin it is obviously slower. Often times slower than cash, which I find a little funny.

Comment Re:Amazon 'marketplace', wish I could disable it. (Score 2) 347

I know which items are from a third party seller, yes you can tell at a glance. The issue is I don't care to see them, that's not why I am at Amazon, I am there to buy from them, and only them. Until recently I was very trusting of Amazon, now it appears counterfeits from third parties now get put in the same spot in the warehouse as legit items and sold by Amazon. Many Amazon reviews discuss this commingling problem and the resultant distrust.

The signal to noise ratio is way too high due to the flood of marketplace items, it's like shopping a flea market now.

Comment Amazon 'marketplace', wish I could disable it. (Score 4, Insightful) 347

When I go to Amazon to perhaps purchase something, I go there to buy from Amazon, not some unknown third party. I wish there was an option to disable the entire marketplace listings for my account. If there was such an option, I might shop there more. As it is I barely go there anymore.

I view Amazon now as I have Ebay for a long time, where I go to buy cheap trash I don't really need. And i don't buy cheap trash.

Other well known sellers are becoming like flea markets too, Newegg I'm looking at you. If I go to an online retailer I am going there to buy from them, not some guy on a street corner. That's how it feels now. :(

Comment Re:Do you own your identity is the question? (Score 1) 67

If a fingerprint is recorded as a pattern, can you own that pattern? The answer is no. Practically and legally in the US. Then an alternate pattern (approximation) will be used and so on...

Actually you can own a pattern, apply for a trademark using the print pattern. Then legally defend the hell out of it. Even the approximation of your pattern can be considered infringement on likeness of your trademark. IANAL

Comment Re:So they're fixing GNOME 3's fuck ups? (Score 1) 98

Good, I finally stopped using adobe acrobat reader, since they don't even support linux anymore. I installed the recommended evince, and upon starting it up my first thought was 'wtf is this ?' It has a non-standard title bar that looks completely out of place with anything that isn't gnome. Honestly it looks so out of place I thought it must have been from the times when developers simply didn't know any better. I use XFCE.

I even looked for an option to make evince look normal, but alas this 'include the title bar in the app and ignore the window manager' feature is built into GTK 3 and is 'up to the app developer to use or not'. Wow GTK, really ? You are supposed to be GTK not GNOME :( I miss gtk 2.

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