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Comment Re:Blatant advert or what? (Score 2) 67

Many monitors do not support the full color spectrum, instead they dither colors to be 'closer'. This can cause unwanted artifacts. Also it will make some pixels 'not what the computer software intended'. Using a digital interface such as hdmi or displayport will not help in this case.

Submission + - YouTube Bans North Korea's State-Owned TV Channel (asiancorrespondent.com)

An anonymous reader writes: YouTube has blocked North Korea’s state television channel, purportedly to avoid breaching U.S. sanctions against the totalitarian state. The Korean Central Television’s page, which broadcasts breaking news videos including Pyongyang’s nuclear tests and leader Kim Jong Un’s outings, now has a message saying “the account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines." YouTube’s community guidelines bans harmful, dangerous, violent and graphic content, as well as videos that violate copyright laws or that contain threats and that may incite others to commit violence. According to The Washington Post, the action to terminate the account was taken in November because the North Korean government could earn money from YouTube through advertisements, which would in turn violate a U.S. directive that bans any person or company from doing business with the hermit state.

Comment Re:Sensationalist fearmongering and attention whor (Score 1) 164

Why would you draw public attention to an exploit? You report it to the software authors and give them time. Anything else is completely irresponsible.

Sure, maybe go all sensational when the software authors refuse to listen to you for several months, and machines are falling left and right, however this doesn't look to be the case. They are never given a chance before public announcement. And at least on my Fedora 23, game-music-emu is NOT installed by default.

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