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Comment Ademco Total Connect (Score 1) 136

Just use a Honeywell Ademco Total Connect 2.0 security panel and be done with it. Alot of central station monitoring companies support total connect 2.0, for verification the system sends 30 seconds of video, 15 sec prior and 15 sec after each alarm device activation. Plus you grt the same notification on your cell phone and have the option to send police.

Comment Re:power (Score 1) 122

Umm i believe that logic equation means if someone elses review is negative..and that product is made by a company whom paid the algorithm creator money...its default fake...duh. as in it only claims fake review so that the negative review is illegitamate? L2read:)

Comment Re:Who Else read that as "aluminum-cement"? (Score 1) 182

Got your panties in a bunch? Way to post an explosive rant as anonymous..cause we all know teh internets is srs bzness! Maybe what we need of less is raging ranting self pity driven imbeciles as yourself whose only purpose is to deflect and redirect their anger of their penis size on to the internet. Good day sir

Comment Re:good thing it's not a ps3 (Score 1) 28

That would be pretty funny since he used a Sony disk changer for the mod. Not that that makes a legal difference, but it would be pretty funny listening to a Sony lawyer try to explain to a judge why hooking a Sony disk changer up to a Sony game console is a problem.

It may be sleep deprivation, but i snort laughed when i read that!

Comment Re:good thing it's not a ps3 (Score 1) 28

I doubt they will. And this goes for most corporations these days. 20 years ago it was not as much a problem, when handfulls of people had technical skills to modify hardware/software. Nowadays hardware hacking is more popular due to the hardware being in more homes and all it takes is a youtube video and the hack is popularized as opposed to being confined to a limited population of hackers. In result your big time corporations feel they need to protect their IP because of this viral effect. Pardon any grammar or spelling, its 3amsoddered and im on my droid :(

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