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Submission + - Comcast targets unlicensed anime torrents (animesuki.com) 3

SailorSpork writes: "According to the linked thread on the forums of AnimeSuki, a popular anime bittorent index site, Comcast has begun sending DCMA letters to customers downloading unlicensed (meaning that no english language company has the rights to) fan-subtitled anime shows via bittorrent. The letters are claiming that the copyright holder or an authorized agent are making the infringement claims, though usually these requests are also sent to the site itself rather that individual downloaders.

My question is have they really been in contact with Japanese anime companies, or is this another scare tactic by Comcast to try and reduce the bandwidth use of their heavier customers now that their previous tactics have come under legal fire?"


Submission + - Life on Vulcan Home Planet

darkstock writes: "With SIM, NASA will be able to determine if planets orbiting 40 Eridani, the star that Gene Roddenberry marked as the home of the Vulcans, are capable of supporting life. According to an article published on the JPL website, SIM provides a bright future to the search for planets that could support life. SIM will be able to detect inhabitable planets as far and further than the 16 light years that span between Earth 40 Eridani. SIM would not only be able to detect orbit, but also search for the existence of Methane and ozone."

Submission + - The French Parliament switches to Ubuntu

atamyrat writes: "The French Parliament looks to be the next big Ubuntu switcher according to reports. Recently the Parliament produced an official government report that recommended the use of free software over proprietary software. The switch to free software is expected to provide a substantial savings to the tax-payers according to the government study.
Following this recommendation two companies, Linagora and Unilog, have been selected to provide the members of the Parliament as well as their assistants new computers containing free software. This will amount to 1,154 new computers running Ubuntu prior to the start of the next session which occurs in June 2007.

Submission + - 15% of Windows Vista written in INTERCAL

An anonymous reader writes: Over five years elapsed between the release of Windows XP and Windows Vista, the longest product-cycle in the history of Microsoft's flagship product. Today a former Microsoft employee, a very disgruntled former employee, revealed to Wired Magazine why the company encountered such a large number of problems delivering their latest operating-system release — Apple Computer was to blame.

http://clintonforbes.blogspot.com/2007/03/microsof t-insider-15-of-windows-vista.html

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