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Comment Re:Lame summary (Score 1) 125

Or perhaps the real world doesn't actually work the simplistic way young ideology likes to think. The hard cold reality of deadlines, market, and responsibilities outside of career get in the way of producing work of the caliber that dudes on the internet without enough time to read the article demand.

The people 'smart enough' and organized/driven enough to really shine aren't wasting their time posting on comments on Slashdot about articles they didn't read.

Comment Re:Energy a bit more important than Beer (Score 1) 325

Thank you for an informed opinion, The trick as always is resist the pressure from those impatient and dismissive of process and legitimate concerns. There are enough stories of water sources ruined by bad drilling practices and the difficulties for the effected parties. Connecting contamination to a specific project is not easy and the victims are often fucked. There is a lot of irrational hype over fracking, but the is also legitimate reasons for people to be concerned.

Comment Re:Energy a bit more important than Beer (Score 1) 325

"Cheaper energy, boost to the economy, bla bla bla". None of this gets you ahead if you do more long term damage especially to really important resources like WATER. Be informed, do it right the first time, This sort of short term selfish frat boy thinking is costing us too much already.

"Water can be treated"? Not very cheaply if the contaminant is sodium or some other salt, which is typical of water contamination from poor drilling practices.

"Back to living in caves"? No one is suggesting that, advocating responsibility does not make one a Luddite.

  prasadsurve, jacekm, and coward you guys are from the fuckin' fifties.

Comment Re:A camera in every living room (Score 1) 395

No-one wants to see your bloody boring one of a billion living room, or your one of a billion pasty body on your one of billions couch or the same old crap you do there that everybody else does. If you are worried about privacy you can live a perfectly enriching technological life by taking some simple measures and really small sacrifices. If you really need a Modern Blast'um 25 from Evil Faceless Developer Corp then maybe you you don't need the precious privacy that playing it violates. Maybe just go outside.

Comment Re:I'd be excited about this movie, except... (Score 1) 470

This is a fantastic little exposition, and is very insightful. I've really enjoyed some of Card's work and found it quite thought provoking at times. It also helps me see (not necessarily understand) how someone with a drastically different world view can still approach controversy in a similar way. Depriving yourself of broader understanding on political grounds seems counterproductive. Even the Dalai Lama is going to have some character flaws, that's humanity.

I also see the other view point. If I am annoyed, or just 'tired' of someone's public agenda why should I continue to support it? Can I just approach this on a case by case basis? There is also a distinction between supporting a public figure's agenda and exploring the knowledge and experience that is out there to be had. I likely will not be missing out on personal enrichment if I skip this movie; Ive read the short story, the novel and a sequel or two. It is up to me whether I want to spend money on it or not and for what reason.

Comment Re:Sunlight is finite (Score 1) 141

I am sorry, do you have a cite? Maximum theoretical overall efficiency of LED lighting is only 43.9 % ( Real world efficiency tops out at 22%. That's before efficiency losses in the solar panels (HUGE) and transmission losses. You should know that such claims are almost guaranteed bunk, 2nd law of thermodynamics and all. I believe arcite was jesting../

Comment Re:Sneering = lose (Score 2) 1128

You probably mean "self-identified" "scientists". I cant believe the nerve of these guys who specialize in a particular discipline of study and come to conclusions that do not agree with your uninformed and fluff based opinion. Don't let the truth get in the way of your little fantasy about the big conspiracy. Why don't you just quote the slew of 'climategate', hockey stick arguments, and general LIES about the data that have been soundly refuted by the scientific community again and again and again. There are lots of examples of this in the past, Google Deutsche Physik. You are a perfect example of the fools that this article points to.

Comment Re:We have a winner (Score 2) 196

Well the subject of the article, TF2 is a huge counter example to your post. It is entirely pvp and there is really no advantage against f2p players. If you put your time into the game you will get all the items needed to be competitive. A cool hat or strange weapon does not make you any tougher. All of my preferred weapons are from achievements, drops or crafting. You can pay 20 buck for a package of starter weapons, but play for a couple weeks and you will have what you need anyway. Just try to resist opening that mysterious crate for a measly couple of bucks though...

Submission + - SourceForge password sniffing or is it phishing? ( 4

guruevi writes: I just received this e-mail apparently from SourceForge asking me to change the password on their site. Off course since there were password sniffing attempts I can't be too sure that this is a legitimate e-mail or whether or not the code behind it is safe to use. Maybe I'm getting phished based on my account data?

This is their e-mail:


We recently experienced a directed attack on SourceForge infrastructure ( and so we are resetting all passwords in the database — just in case. We're e-mailing all registered account holders to let you know about this change to your account.

Our investigation uncovered evidence of password sniffing attempts. We have no evidence to suggest that your password has been compromised. But, what we definitely don't want is to find out in 2 months that passwords were compromised and we didn't take action.

So, as a proactive measure we've invalidated your account password. To access the site again, you'll need to go through the email
recovery process and choose a shiny new password:

If you need help with this, feel free to e-mail us:

We appreciate your patience with us as we work to respond to this attack. We'll be working through the weekend to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Watch for updates on the service outages on our blog:

Thank you,

The SourceForge Team

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