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Comment Re:Innovation comes from all places but the USA? (Score 1) 123

No, that's a pretty blatant troll actually.

It's not like the idea of ride sharing is new. This is app based and from a year ago -

But maybe you're right and someone in the US invented a time-machine, when to Finland of the future, stole their app idea, and then decided that that was a better way to make money than using a time-machine.

Comment Re:Gov't project (Score 1) 516

No, it's because the developers are idiots that used jQuery in the first place.


jQuery has a place, and that is in creating things like word processors and painting programs in javascript. It does not belong in a form that I just have to put some data in and hit submit. (The other place jQuery doesn't belong is games, but that's a browser performance issue.)

Does any serious game use jQuery? There are much better/easier frameworks then jQuery for games.

Like why in the bloody hell do developers do this? This torpedos caching, and when you start throwing plugins onto jquery, they all do the same thing. QUIT DOING THIS. jquery doesn't change every damn minute.

I image that they'd actually have something useful like to reflect the version of their web project instead of their version of jQuery since this is where you'd want to clear the cache (just one time, not torpedo as you say) as you roll new versions.

Comment Re:Riiiiight. This will be effective, no doubt. (Score 1) 266

They're poised to be number 8 actually but that's not as impressive as you think it is. California has 12.1% of the US's population and they have something like 12.8% of the GDP.

I'm guess that the wealth created by the crazy real estate there might cover the higher than average difference. Finally, if you consider government debt (current and future) it doesn't look so good.

Comment Re:Perhaps there should be a bit of summary. (Score 1) 278

No, it's not that the US court overruled the European one.

Because injunctions in Germany are not self-enforcing, Motorola would need to post a bond and ask the court to enforce the injunction during the pendency of Microsoft’s appeal and invalidity proceedings involving the patents. Microsoft, however, almost immediately moved for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction before Judge Robart in W.D. Wash., seeking to enjoin Motorola from enforcing any injunction in Germany pending the outcome of the RAND breach of contract action. Judge Robart agreed and enjoined Motorola from enforcing the injunction in Germany, finding that allowing Motorola to enforce such an injunction before Microsoft had its day in court in W.D. Wash. would be inconsistent with Motorola’s RAND commitment. Motorola appealed to the Ninth Circuit, which affirmed Judge Robart’s decision.

Comment Re:Germany has no general speed limit on the Autob (Score 2) 732

I find in my commute (Everett Turnpike in New Hampshire) that a person who goes slower than everyone else is more dangerous than someone going faster.

That slower person (like 50 in 65+ mph traffic) forces everyone behind them to merge into faster traffic which seems just slightly more dangerous than those damn race car wannabes swerving from lane to lane. My personal strategy of going the same speed as the person in front of me is broken down by those slow people.

Comment Re:Same as every day (Score 1) 200


I did just spend an hour trying to convince our admins to ignore PCI compliance with such gems as "what good is a third party app if we don't use it" and "but the directory has 'data' in its name so I should be able to write data to it". But that was only because I knew that they wouldn't expect anything less from me.

Comment Re:It really annoys the hell out of me... (Score 1) 955

The job responsibility is "Stop the Terrorists" and we pay them an awful lot of money to do that. Since we're not being bombed constantly they must be doing that job and therefor deserve all the money they get and more.

From their point of view I'm sure they realize that they don't stand a chance of intercepting anything and therefor just screw around all day.

Comment Re:School::politics (Score 2) 386

Apparently in 2008 your pension fund lost $17 billion dollars. Compound that with the problem that there are no good/safe investments anymore so if miracles don't happen with your pension's investments the state will have to fund the difference... hence how pissed off the average person is.

I'm sorry that you're earning 20k less than the private sector... I assume that you're a newish employee since it looks to me like the people at the top are still doing very, very well for themselves.

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