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Comment Re:What I find surprising (Score 1) 168

Did you consider the possibility that some of us are professionals who get to clean up after other people, or did you just jump at the first conclusion that in your mind served to justify vomiting all over slashdot? I had the pleasure of dealing with ransomware twice this week on behalf of happy clickers because I work as a backup admin. I seriously doubt I'm the only one.

Comment Not just the tech industry either (Score 5, Insightful) 230

Car manufacturers aren't doing enough to prevent terrorists from driving cars. Oil companies aren't doing enough to prevent terrorists from using diesel and petrol. Food companies aren't doing enough to prevent terrorists from eating food. Pencil manufacturers aren't doing enough to prevent terrorists from writing. Shoe manufacturers aren't doing enough to prevent terrorists from walking. I could go on but I won't. He probably will. Snowden has made a few more people aware of the fact that many people who work in law enforcement agencies and intelligence services think they have a right to ignore the law. Particularly the law in other countries.

Comment Go ahead and ban Tor, it's outdated anyway (Score 1) 215

When will oppressive authorities understand that as long as it's mathematically possible to hide information from them, people will do whatever it takes to do so? There are no technical limitations to how well a piece of information can be hidden away and piggy-backed onto seemingly uninteresting or useless data; the only way to shut down unwanted communication is to prevent ANY AND ALL communication.

Comment So, neglect is pretty widespread then? (Score 1) 784

When I was a kid we all walked to and from school every single day. On the very first day, my parents walked with me. From 4th grade we were allowed to use bicycles. Those who lived more than 30 kilometers away from the nearest school were entitled to use public transport for free.

Comment Re:I have another idea... (Score 1) 177

Here's a thought. What if you accidently keep one bit of information that could be turned against you when out of context, and you diligently deleted the very documents that would have shown the redeeming context? If one of your employees step out of line and produces something that could be turned against you, then act on it. If the paper trail shows you did, then you have nothing to fear from sensible people. Never trust a company which goes to great length to cover up their past. Lawyers and media? Those will attack you anyway, with or without evidence. Stop feeding them.


Is this what they taught you in school or did you figure it out yourself? Either way, you may want to update yourself on the constitutions of the ~50 countries you're talking about. For starters, there is no "the Governent of Europe". Each country in Europe, even those within the European Union, have their own elected government. By the way, over here the governments are elected by actual majority and not by proxies. Further, if you do some research on the US constitution, you may even find that most of it can be traced back to France. Sorry.

Comment Reliability (Score 1) 409

Working for the local government means we can't rely on internet services or utility power to stay operational. Even if a major disaster hits, we need to be able to keep services running. That's why we have fault tolerant systems set up in multiple server rooms that we control. Our servers, our storage, our backup.

Comment Try a different perspective (Score 1) 281

IMHO MS Access is a poor alternative to a database. Poor jokes aside, MySQL or PG are obvious candidates for the backend but the real problem here is agreeing on a front end that lets the user accomplish more than he/she can already do in MS Access. The obvious question that needs to be answered is therefore "what are you trying to accomplish from switching to a different tool?" First decide what to build, THEN look in the toolbox.

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