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Comment Setup I've just done for my folks (Score 1) 360

My folks existing computer is no longer up to the task. When a friend helped set up a new computer for someone they donated their old XP computer. I've put a 320G HDD I had sitting around in it.

That computer is triple booting. IT defaultly boots to Windows XP as that is what my folks are used to. There is a separate data partition for photos etc. It has got the choice to boot into Lubuntu as a light weight linux install. There is also a third choice; that is to boot to a Debian stable which just goes to a menu to run scripts. The main script is to restore either the MBR or restore the Windows XP partition. I've taken an image using ntfsclone. Hopefully this gives my folks a fighting chance of staying on the net and being able to do their emails.


BioWare On Why Making a Blockbuster Game Is a Poor Goal 192

BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk spoke at the 2010 Develop Conference about the current focus within the video game industry on making huge, blockbuster titles, and why that is the wrong approach. Quoting Gamasutra's coverage: "'While blockbuster game creation is everything that most game developers working today growing up wanted to do, it's precisely the wrong thing to chase in gaming's contemporary landscape.' Risk-taking from publishers and investors has dramatically declined in recent times, the Mass Effect and Dragon Age studio-runner noted: 'As a result, innovation and creativity [are] being squeezed. Where the bottom of the market had dropped out at one point, now it’s the middle of the market has dropped out. Unless you can be in the top ten releases at one given time, it's unlikely that a triple-A game is going to make money.'" Zeschuk also commented that consoles aren't necessarily the future of game platforms, and that BioWare is experimenting with smaller scale MMO development in addition to working on their much larger upcoming Star Wars title.

Flash Builder 4 — Defective By Design? 66

ApolloX writes "Adobe has released its new version of the Flex Builder, now renamed Flash Builder 4. This version is radically different from previous versions of Flex, introducing the new Spark architecture and theme support. While I am pleased Adobe has finally added support for Eclipse 3.5, I am disappointed with some of the new architecture changes that make doing simple things, such as skinning a button, now quite cumbersome."

Tax-Free IT Repairs Proposed For the UK 102

judgecorp writes "Removing tax from computer repairs could have a real impact on the IT industry's carbon footprint, according to a petition of the UK government. Old computer equipment often ends up in landfill, or in toxic illegal re-cycling centers in developing countries, because users think it is not cost-effective to repair it. Making repairs tax free could be a simple bit of financial engineering to encourage skilled jobs and keep electronics out of the waste stream, says the author of the campaign."

Comment Re:Power and future-proofing? (Score 2, Insightful) 124

Just a random thought off the top of my head, but would using css potentially help with technologies such as screen readers for the blind? Also, as you could have named areas, does it open up areas which can be set as preferences, for instance deciding that you prefer to have menus always at the top of the screen.

Just my 1p

Comment Re:Question is ... (Score 2, Insightful) 860

Indeed. I was pretty torn when voting. M.A.S.H. reminds me that America is a big place and whilst there is a load of trashy programs out there, M.A.S.H. was one of the most popular programs there with the final episode being the most watched episode ever,*A*S*H_(TV_series)#.22Goodbye.2C_Farewell_and_Amen.22. , and is a fine, fine program.

Having said all that, Dr Who ultimately wins.

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