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Comment Re:Ha ha he he (Score 1) 277

I'm not sure why this was modded down. I think people that value their rationality above all else are just as much fools as those who value their beliefs above all else. Sometimes things in this world aren't rational, and to ignore the human factor means missing as much of the picture as if we ignored the facts of the situation.

People who worship their own ability to reason are often blind to obvious truths/realities in front of them.

Comment Re:Reminds me of Hillis (Score 1) 206

I'm pretty sure that this area of research will produce many *new* applications which will require or at least benefit from this kind of computing. AI, for instance, would have a new platform for other researchers to experiment with.

I think the current model of computing, while sufficient to produce 95% of the current business logic (as you say), is still very limiting. The amount of data being generated on the internet these days is staggering - so much so that most of it just sits there, never being looked at again after being created. Our current model has no way of dealing with this in any meaningful way. How about realtime augmented reality - just taking in and processing everything in front of your eyes within fractions of a second is thus far a task only for something as complex as our brains. I'm sure, as researchers advance this model, people will find all sorts of creative ways to put it to use.

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