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Comment Was this really necessary ? (Score 0) 1

Of all the things banks do to get upset over, they chose this? Do these people not realize that not only are fees/ interest rates so high due to the insane number of people who pay late/ don't pay at all, but the banks are doing a huge favor to anyone who they loan money to. It's not like the loan money belongs directly to the bank; any money in there belongs to the account holders/investors who in reality should have a say in who does/doesn't get a loan. If I wanted a loan for more money than I make in a year, I would rightfully expect the bank to be skeptical of my ability to pay back. Maybe I'm just misguided but I have to side with the bank on this one for once. It's not like all their money comes from nowhere and they should have the right to be discretionary about who they loan to and the terms of the loan. If anything, bricking up the entrance is counter productive to their cause. When the banks found out about this shit, do you think they would be willing to give out a loan at all, let alone for the amount of fees stated in the article? Just because you're butt-hurt because you didn't get the loan doesn't mean you have to fuck over all of the employees and customers to the bank. Also, if the English police force works any bit like America, that's a huge waste of manpower and taxpayer money as well.

Comment Re:You insensitive clods! (Score 0) 366

Apparently, you aren't contributing to society. There's a difference between people being bald because they care about the environment and people being bald because they want us to THINK they're helping the environment. No, but seriously. This is a nice huge step. I'm excited to see what direction this heads in.

Submission + - Microsoft endorsing Windoes 7 lanch parties.

FlickieStrife writes: Microsoft is encouraging people to throw Tupperware style Windows 7 launch parties. Here's how it works: you invite members of your community over and demonstrate the features/perks of Windows 7. If Microsoft selects you to be one of the thousands to do this, you get a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate and a chance to win a computer. Official site.

Let's hope it doesn't turn out like Windows 98

Comment Re:Evil. (Score 0) 390

Don't you think Google is taking it a little far though? It's like me patenting the visual appearance of "Thursday, September 03"

There is nothing technical or inventive about it, it is just how people recognise their product.

Can you name 10 people who can't recognize Google?

Comment Makes perfect sense. (Score 0) 100

It's just like that teenager-deterrent noise: which was ironically, but hilarously turned against adults: But, It all has to do with frequency. For all we know, there are some animals that CAN'T hear that 'alarm' Dog whistles, people. Dog whistles.

Comment Re:New information processing methods (Score 1) 120

I agree completely, the statistical theory (out of the gazillion planets/solar systems, how is Earth the only one with life) is kind of a weak one, but it works. On the other hand, maybe we only have a remote chance of recognizing this because while the 'as we know it' is implies, it is still stuck in the back of our (NASA's) minds as a liquid (see what i did there?) requirement. We are creatures of habit, and generally afraid of change, so we stick with what makes us comfortable.

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