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Comment Re:I'm not covinced by Dyson (Score 1) 125

Air dryers have been proven to remove far less bacteria than paper towels. For this reason I try to avoid those Dyson dryers, as invariably my hand comes into contact with them when I use them.
As for Dyson vaccum cleaners, have a look at the reliability and performance scores they get compared to other quality brands such as Miele.

Don't believe the hype.

Comment Free Energy (Score 1) 117

If someone could harness the angular momentum produced by the 60 Minutes spin department, we could do away with fossil fuels tomorrow.

"In response to the letter, a 60 Minutes spokesman said in an email: “While we respect Mr. Khosla’s view, we are not in agreement with the points he makes about our story, which we began and ended with him and devoted much of to his ideas and to one of the companies he backs.”"

Comment Re:"familiar confrontational 60 Minutes style" (Score 1) 117

If the NSA is willing to spout easily refuted BS like "We prevented China from destroying thousands of computers with malware" as part of their media response to Snowden's disclosures, I'm pretty sure they'd be happily advertising any terrorism they'd thwarted. I'm actually surprised they aren't just making shit up to win hearts and minds, but I guess they still don't know just what info Snowden handed over, so that could blow up in their faces.

Comment Re:Is he really a "sucker"? (Score 1) 203

I'm one of the "suckers" that bought an ASIC miner. I've already cashed up enough BTC to cover the costs of the miner. I'm keeping the rest I earn as a long term speculative investment. As the next wave of more efficient miners hit the market my miner will probably be useless, but I still got something for nothing, and potentially it could end up being a lot of something.

Comment Re:American race to the bottom roadshow (Score 2) 606

Intellectual elitism at it's finest - bravo, asshole. Not everyone has the same opportunities, drive, abilities or circumstances.
What's wrong with a living wage, would you rather have them drawing a benefit to support their families? Maybe they shouldn't be allowed to have children?

Merry christmas, fuckhead >:-/

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