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Journal Journal: Bill Gates watches pirated videos

If you read way down to the bottom of a Wall Street Journal interview with Bill Gates that ran yesterday, you'll discover that the Microsoft executive admitted to watching pirated movies on the Internet. The confession came as he was talking about content he had viewed on YouTube. Here's part of the exchange:

        WSJ: You watch physics lectures and Harlem Globetrotters [on YouTube]?

        Gates: This social-networking thing takes you to crazy places.

        WSJ: But those were stolen, correct?

        Gates: Stolen's a strong word. It's copyrighted content that the owner wasn't paid for. So yes.

Now if only Bill would develop the same generosity when it comes to Microsoft's copyrighted material. He is a philanthropist after all.

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Journal Journal: The Birthday meme

helicobacter has started a new meme. The steps are simple. Go to Wikipedia and in the search box type in your day and month of birth. Leave off the year. Hit search. Post in your journal 3 events, 2 births, and 1 death that are of particular interest to you.

1610 - Galileo Galilei observes the four largest moons of Jupiter for the first time. He named them and in turn the four are called the Galilean moons.
1953 - President Harry Truman announces that the United States has developed a hydrogen bomb.
1999 - The impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton begins.

# 1 BC (O.S.) - Jesus of Nazareth, central figure of Christianity, date celebrated by Eastern Orthodox churches as Christmas (d. circa 30) interestingly enough helicobacter's original meme also lists Jesus' birthday though on a different date
1964 - Nicolas Cage, American actor Sure he isn't in the same league with Jesus, but his was one of the few names that stuck out from the list

# 1536 - Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII of England (b. 1485) Hell I guess my birthday just wasn't a very eventful one after the birth of Jesus. At least until I came around.

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Journal Journal: Ponies everywhere!

So I've never felt the need to post a journal here until now. Here I am surfing the "lesbians, lesbians, and more lesbians" thread on myspace (its funny to laugh at the pathetic guys trying to turn these girls straight)and I decide to check some NSFW JEs that I have been putting off reading for a while. Pink?! Did my brain go wacky from reading to much male bashing? After a few refreshes I see the OMG Ponies and realize what day it is.

Well this is only my second AFD on /. and I have to say this year seems to be off to a better start than last year. I forgot all about the JEs I meant to read and started surfing around to see what other mayhem my favorite sites were up to.

It seems that pink and ponies are the order of the day. In addition to the already /. sites WoTC is releasing a My Little Pony RPG game compatable with D&D. I saw a handful of other places with pink or pony themes too. The monster from OoTS has switched to a pink umbrella for instance. The game sites don't have their usual fair however. The WoW wisp joke was a far cry from last years Pandarean Express, I saw nothing on the EQ site, my new addiction DDO had nothing for today. For once I think that /. has the best fools day jokes around. Wow!

Oh and as I post this I see /. has caught up and posted the MLPRPG I mentioned above.

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