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Comment It's only for the Chrome netbook, ffs (Score 1) 968

I don't get why so many people complain.
It's only on the Chrome netbook.
You won't use legacy decades old applications on it.
You won't even have a terminal.
You will just browse the web.
You will far often want to search the web (and press that new key) then you want to write lots of letters all in caps,
which you still can with shift.
So, yes. Get rid of that useless key, please!

Comment Chrome, HTML5 disaster coming (Score 2, Interesting) 133

So now Chrome can support only VP6/7 in die tag, Apple does it's quicktime thing, MS does .wmv and Firefox OGG. Hooray!
Honestly, i don't think that would happen, i hope that it may be open sourced and that Android will get some "high quality" video stuff (as far as you can get that on mobile displays).


Submission + - GIMP 2.4 Released 3

Enselic writes: After almost three years since the release of GIMP 2.2, the GIMP developers have just announced the release of GIMP 2.4.

The release notes speaks of scalable bitmap brushes, redesigned rectangle/ellipse selection tools, redesigned crop tool, a new foreground selection tool, a new align tool, reorganized menu layouts, improved zoomed in/zoomed out image display quality, improved priting and color management support and a new perspective clone tool.

Submission + - Bill Gates to be demoted to 2nd richest man

Haxx writes: Not yet recognized by mainstream lists of the super rich, calculations of América Móvil stock prices point to a new world's richest man. The son of a Lebanese immigrant, Carlos Slim, 67, works from a windowless bunker in Mexico City. His empire includes a budget airline, Volaris, a cigarette company, Cigatam, a music retailer, MixUp, and an internet service provider, Prodigy. Slims main money makers are Telcel, the largest mobile operator in Mexico, commanding a market share in excess of 80 per cent and Telmex wich accounts for nine out of 10 landlines in Mexico.

Submission + - iPhone to be a T-Mobile exclusive in Germany? (

mutle writes: " reports:

The Washington Post translates a Rheinische Post article which reveals that the iPhone will be sold through T-Mobile in Germany and launch on November 1st, 2007.
The cost of the phone for the German market is said to be 450 euros (US $612). There has been no confirmation of rumors the European version of the iPhone may incorporate 3G technology.
Apple launched the iPhone in the U.S. last week and had planned a European launch in Q4 2007 and Asia in 2008.
Currently there is no new information regarding distribution in other European Countries and whether the iPhone will use UMTS (3g) or EDGE, which T-Mobile also provides."

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