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Comment Re:DNS Hijacking (Score 1) 260

I use .Kids Place; it only allows apps that I allow to run to be run without a 4-digit PIN to unlock. You could load it with video & allow only the video player. Everything else is blocked.

It's a pretty simple app, I suspect someone could write a kiosk app in a few hours.

I find it disappointing that "Ask Slashdot" questions can be solved in 30 seconds on Google.

Comment How much? (Score 1) 95

So, all these comments (at least as of when I last reloaded the page) and noone asking how much to buy a couple bricks? I for one would love to buy a couple bricks to keep by my fireplace. If cheap enough, I'd even burn them sometimes, but if not, would be a fun conversation starter.

C'mon, any Hunkies reading this? Post a reply if you can score me some!

PS: I'm an American of Hungarian decent, not insult intended calling you a Hunky & even if I wasn't, if you were offended, you should lighten up :)

Comment Re:Just wait.... (Score 1) 220


A $50 HDD is very small currently (and refurbished), so I'm going to throw that silly figure out & replace it with $100-150, a 2TB drive.

Family videos: Simple 1080p video (not 3D, not multiple angles, etc) is 16GB/hr (on my camera, YMMV). That's just over 100 hours on a 2TB drive. With kids (especially kids in plays/musicals!) this doesn't go as far as you might think.

DVD Collection: Figure 2GB/movie = over 1500 movies at low-def, but let's be realistic, this doesn't look great on a 50"+ TV. HD compressed movies are 10-20GB/movie (IME, YMMV) so we're down to 100 movies.

But wait! You said both on the same drive, so cut both figures in half. Oh, and for 2-3 times the price. Most of everything else you said was spot on, but your mistake was suggesting $50 was enough for storing a "life worth of fotos, videos and [movies]". There is no single HDD big enough for this task at current settings, much less when the industry takes its collective heads out of its collective *** and realizes 1080p isn't all that great - just better than what we had.

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