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Comment Re:Why oh why not OpenSolaris? (Score 1) 206

While I know your speaking of Sun Storage 7xxxx series, and I do agree the UI is awesome (dtrace + zfs is great) where their product line falls apart is redundancy. I can purcahse a NetApp 20xx series filer with redundant heads for cheaper than i can purchase a sun storage 7xxx appliance which is HA. The replication is still based on drbd equivilant, and only recently has ZFS introduced dedup. Sun has a long way to go before they can hold a candle to the mid-lower end Filers

Comment Re:cablecard is dead (Score 1) 222

While I doubt this will get modded anything other than troll, here is my cable card experience Purchasee Tivo Series 3 HD Go to comcast store/office pickup CableCard, (for 4 dollars and xx change a month) Go home plugin cablecard to series3 CableCARD bios? appears on screen with various info call comcast customer support read codes on screen to customer rep done every channel i had on my set top box, works. No problems since. Total time on hold, approx 45 seconds.

Comment Re:This article sucks (Score 1) 304

Good god, finally the voice of reason. I admit I don't do any development, bu ASLR seems like it defends mainly against low level attacks. By that I mean attacks written against kernel level stuff, or RING 0, whatever. When you consider that much of the malware/viruses out there are designed to spread themselves as quickly as possible and NOT attack a users data, this ASLR seems like a moot point. Am i missing anything? Probably ;)

Comment Re:Absolute worst, as far as I am concerned. (Score 1) 1127

My hatred of smokers started in that place.

I think Dennis Leary said it best (or bill hicks)
Because you're always telling us, "You know, ever cigarette takes six minutes off your life. If you quit now you can live an extra ten years. If you quit now, you can live an extra twenty years." Hey, I got two words for you, ok. Jim Fix. Remember Jim Fix? The big famous jogging guy? Jogged fifteen miles a day. Did a jogging book. Did a jogging video. Dropped out of a heart attack when? When he was fucking jogging, that's when! What do you wanna bet it was two smokers who found the body the next morning and went, "Hey! That's Jim Fix, isn't it?" "Wow, what a fucking tragedy. Come on, lets go buy some buds."
It's always the yogurt sprout eating mother fuckers who get run over buy a bus drive by a guy who smokes three and a half packs a day. "Sorry officer, I didn't see him. I was too busy smoking!"

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