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Comment Re: Wrong. Those are not democracies. (Score 1) 702

Uh, are you perchance confusing Athens with Rome, or Platonic reality with actual reality? I concede that there might be other explanations for your mistake, but it’s hard to take seriously. E.g., to quote from the most easily-accessible source on what shouldn’t be a controversial point, the introduction to the Wikipedia article on, of all things, Athenian democracy:

It was a system of direct democracy, in which participating citizens voted directly on legislation and executive bills. Participation was not open to all residents: to vote one had to be an adult, male citizen who owned land and was not a slave

Comment Re:All awful but the bias is interesting (Score 1) 385

> an apparently right-wing bent, such as the situation at Wheaton College

The article you cite says that the dispute isn’t political but theological, about a disagreement in doctrine between the avowedly religious college and a public theological claim by the professor. (I will emphatically stay out of the details of the theology.) FIRE may well get some support from those on the political right, but the author of the original article (the head of the organization) “has described himself as a "pro-choice liberal"” per Wikipedia.

Submission + - The real cost of mobile ads (nytimes.com)

cvdwl writes: A New York Times (mildly paywalled) article and associated analysis discuss the consumer cost of mobile ads assuming a US$0.01/MB data plan. The article provides one of the only estimates I've seen of the the real cost in time and money (and time is money) of mobile advertising. Ethics of ad-blockers aside, this highlights the hidden costs of data-heavy (often lazy and poorly developed) web-design.

In a nutshell, the worst sites took 10-30s load 10-20MB, costing $0.15-0.40, over 4G due to a blizzard of video, heavy images, and occasionally just massive scripts. The best sites had high content to ad ratios, typically loading 1-3MB of content and >500kB of advertising.

Comment Over-hyped (Score 5, Informative) 623

The summary is over-hyping this story, which is a day or two old, and not given anything like this much play in the mainstream media. The link to Forbes is actually just to a third-party renting space on the Forbes site, and the New Republic piece is opinion, not news coverage. Not that I am in any way denying or condoning Putin’s invasion, but overreacting doesn’t help.

Comment Static analyzer vs compiler (Score 1) 370

You can (and should) use the LLVM/Clang static analyzer regardless of whether you compile with LLVM, GCC, or the hybrid of the two. During development, it’s sometimes worth experimenting with the compiler you’re not using, e.g. if you’re struggling with an error message. I’ve generally found LLVM’s diagnostics more useful, but sometimes a second opinion can be helpful, and Googling a GCC error message generally gets more hits.


Mozilla Flips Kill-Switch On Skype Toolbar 284

An anonymous reader writes "Whenever Skype is installed or updated, it automatically installs the Skype Toolbar add-on for Firefox. Unfortunately, the add-on causes serious performance problems, slowing down some operations by a factor of 300 and is one of the top causes for Firefox crashes. As a result, Mozilla has decided to 'soft-block' the add-on, effectively killing it on all Firefox installs unless the user intentionally re-enables it. Given the extreme popularity of Skype, this has ramifications for millions of users."

Firefox 4 Beta 8 Up 385

An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla has released a new beta of Firefox 4 this morning. Originally intended as a quick update for the feature-complete Beta 7 release, the new Beta includes 1415 bugfixes, a fine-tuned add-ons manager, improved WebGL support as well as URL bar enhancements."

Assange Secret Swedish Police Report Leaked 840

letsurock writes "The 68-page confidential report prepared by Swedish police got leaked which tells the police version on the alleged sexual misconduct by the Julian assange. The Swedish report traces events over a four-day period in August this year when 39-year-old Assange had what he has described as consensual sexual relationships with two Swedish women."

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