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Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 48

Flimsy?! The thing's a damn brick. A thin and sexy brick, but still. And, it's already been re-rooted since the last update. What B&N did, which Amazon hasn't done, is remove the ability to sideload apps. If you're going to criticize something at least have your facts right.

Comment I'm a Kindle Fire owner (Score 1) 463

And I think these issues are being way overplayed by the tech media and some users with a big axe to grind against Amazon. It's a fine tablet with a very few rough edges that can be smoothed out with a couple of software updates. The notion that so many buyers are returning them is based on CNN counting the number of 1-star reviews at Amazon (some of which are fake) and guessing about how many are being returned, it's BS and nonsense. I've never hit the power button by mistake, web pages load just fine, and any hesitation in the interface is pretty minor and not what I would call balky. The ONLY significant hardware issue for me is that both speakers are on one side of the device. It would have been much better to split them up.

Comment Re:And... (Score 1) 145

These aren't new books that OpenLibrary is suddenly making available. It's really just a search engine for the Overdrive Library System, and the only in-copyright books they offer are what's already available through Overdrive.

Comment I honestly don't see the point in this (Score 1) 145

Overall it's not really very useful. Its ebook loans go through Overdrive, so if the title you're interested in isn't available as an ebook from your library then you're out of luck. Why bother going through Open Library when I can just use the search engine at my own library instead? Any PD books they have are going to be available at any number of places so why bother?

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