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Comment Good news everyone! (Score 2) 94

Now that the RIAA has located the parts of the brain where copyrighted music is stored. You can now be assured that no starving record artists will go hungry because evil heartless souls have copied their artistic efforts into their memory and are playing them back without paying.

A government sanctioned brain scan will discover any music stored within the grey matter and charge the owner of said brain the correct licensing fees.

Those unwilling to pay will be directed to sit in the red chair for removal of copyrighted material.

Comment Not the first time (Score 1) 116

A while back I was stuck with a corrupted copy of Event Horizon downloaded from iTunes I wanted running in the background while getting some 40K stuff done.

On my main PC hooked up the to the big screen.
Downloaded, stopped at a certain mark.
Deleted, restarted download. Stopped at same mark.
Deleted movie and cache. Restarted download, stopped at the same mark.
Contacted Apple tech support. Told them about the corrupt file on their servers. Suggested my cache was corrupted. I told them I had already cleared it. They asked me to clear it in a slightly different way.
Deleted cache. Downloaded. Stopped at the same mark. Was told my PC was the problem.
Went to an old Mac mini I had in the study. Downloaded. Stopped at the same mark.

Thank god for fibre broadband or this would have taken forever.

The final result was no movie but a refund due to 'my problems downloading the file'. Admitting that the file was corrupt at their side? Not a chance.

Comment Personal Experience Time (Score 1) 281

I have myself a nice big shiny 46" 3DTV in my living room hooked up to a gaming PC.

3D blu rays are a PITA to get these days thanks to all those manufacturer exclusives (nice way to shoot your new technology in the foot industry guys) and I'm still not willing to pay the extortionate prices to get them from ebay. Depending on the quality of the film you'll get headaches or not.

So, my main content is 3D gaming from the PC. With a 3D monitor I could run at 1080 at 60hz, on my 3DTV I'm limited to 1080 at 24hz or 720 60Hz.

This works pretty well for me in some cases. World of Warcraft running smoothly with 24 FPS and max settings and 8X AA. Get a little eye strain from having to refocus my eyes repeatedly from to the HUD to the field in a complicated situation (like a raid or dungeon) but overall it's easy on the brain and I don't suffer headaches even after a couple of hours of straight play. SC2 is a little more processor intensive and slows down too much for me in 3D mode.

For a FPS, I'm addicted to high frame-rates. This means I'm set to having the 720p resolution which looks fairly ugly. Not only that but in choppy times where it dips below that, things get mixed up things as the frame rate stutters, things get very out of focus and I can start to feel a migraine coming on. Some better hardware on my end would probably improve things but even then the resolution limits keep things ugly until they improve the technology. As such I stick to 2D for those games.

So depends on content you watch and how you watch it for me.

Comment Re:How to accept the consequences (Score 1) 352

Indeed. Depending on which characters you bring along as 'shoulder angels' for that last moral choice too you can get varying opinions on what the best course of action is. These suggestions can be 'This is bigger than us, we need to save the council' 'what has the council ever done for us?' or 'We need every ship we have. You can't risk saving them'. Following that, your options are 'Save the council at any cost' 'We can't risk saving them, hold back until you have a chance at killing Sovereign' or 'At last! A Chance to kill those irritating council dolts'. It's not a black and white choice and before you go into that battle for the very first time the horrible oncoming sense of doom tells you that risking the chance to kill Sovereign to save the council may well end up risking the lives of every sentient being in the galaxy.

Comment How to accept the consequences (Score 4, Funny) 352

I love Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 even moreso. However when it came to the consequences of my actions I took two different approaches and for different reasons. Spoilers ahead gentlemen! At the end of the first game I let the council die. It was for all the right reasons, there was a giant spaceship Cthulu about to destroy all life as we knew it and I didn't want to lose vital military assets and threaten the survival of the Galaxy for some symbolic gesture. Turned out to be the 'wrong decision' in the overall theme of being the good guy and uniting all races in mass Effect 2 but I stuck with it because I would always have made that decision with the knowledge I had to hand and it also made the storyline and reactions to you on the citadel more interesting in the 2nd game. In the 2nd game though at the end there was one thing I had to change. It was the 'you have to respond to the capture of your crew instantly' part. When the crew was captured my first reaction was to finish the one mission I was in the middle of anyway because due to standard RPG meta-gaming I figured that the rescue would wait for me. When I turned up a little too late and half the crew was turned into mulch because of it I felt cheated because there wasn't any clue given that this would be the result of my actions. Even the 'crew kidnapping' event was kicked off by completing another mission meaning that you could only finish all the side-quests by leaving the important 'must do' thing until the end. With that I had to go back and correct my choice. It's easier to sit with the consequence of an action if there a good indication before-hand what that consequence is. In the case of Dragon Age there was no problem though. Want salt on your fries? SALT GOLEMS ATTACK THE CITY IN REVENGE! No salt? NOTHING CAN STOP THE GIANT SLUG DEMONS! Yes, the consequence of every decision you make will be bad regardless :)

Comment Bought my own 3DTV and have little to do but wait. (Score 2, Interesting) 535

I picked up a decent Samsung 46" 3DTV the other day since I'm moving into a new place. Amazon was doing a special offer for one week and it turned out about the same price as a regular TV of the same spec with a 3D Blu ray player thrown in for free. So not bad at all. Would have I bought it if it had been just for the 3D and using it right now? Nope. There's basically 2 movies that you can actually buy for it. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and Monster house. Two movies I have absolutely no intention of buying or seeing. One that I wouldn't mind seeing 'Monsters Vs. Aliens' is bundled in with a £100 3D glasses kit I don't need, and one that I would like to see 'How to train your dragon' is going to be done likewise. For the foreseeable future that leaves just one Blu ray coming out soon worth seeing that I can actually get my hands on... Avatar. What has been fun though has been hooking up the PC to the big screen and playing around with some custom 3D drivers, it's not perfect and it's as buggy as hell on anything but a handful of games however playing Left 4 dead 2 where zombie tongues stick out of the screen and hit you in the face has been crazy awesome (guessing where the mouse [pointer is supposed to be on the screen to start the game, less so). nVidia is coming out with some proper 3D driver tools for hooking up to a big screen 3DTVs in the near future making that far less painful and I figure that gaming is where 3D stuff is going to sell and in the near future while so little video content is available that will be the main reason for buying these screens.

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