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Journal Journal: Another round on the merry'..

Tuesday I got laid off. My dot-bomb with the short fuse finally detonated. Can't say I was completely suprised, though I would have expected it next month rather than now.

So, to take my mind off of bills, stress, job searches and more stress, I've decided to write a P2P app in Perl. I'm intending it to be a very simple and direct file sharing system, more as a test bed for new ideas rather than as a full blown feature rich system.

I'll eventually post it to my homepage, and perhaps open a sourceforge project on it. The design goals are:

  • Simplicity
  • Content ignorance
  • Anonymity
  • Speed

Unfortunately, the network will suffer from bootstrap issues, namely, without a central server of host lists, how do you get in? This isn't really surmountable, so the solution will have to be indirect: Signature lines with hosts:ports, tags on webpages, the P2P equivalent of "Kilroy was here". Possibly also using Freenet as a transmission vector for host lists.

Long term, I hope to apply what I learn to game development. An article on Gamasutra got me to thinking about how to break the client-server bottleneck for MMPORPG's.

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Journal Journal: In the middle of the Aftermath

I've been fairly extremist these last few days, and I think, understandably so.

I've had alot of friends tell me I should give "the politics a rest" for a while, because people are still in mourning.

I can't do that, because our representatives aren't taking a break. They are pushing through laws that are every bit as reactionary as any post here, and if they are unopposed, we'll all be the poorer.

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Journal Journal: Woah.

Pretty freaking cool. I definitely like the new slashcode.

So, to commemorate, let me begin: My job sucks. Bad. But everything else is great.

It's a Friday night, I'm home alone on the computer, and I couldn't be happier. The very definition of geekloser, and I don't care.

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