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Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 1) 512

KDE is the Gold standard in Linux Desktops. It has the most utilitarian behavior of all of the existing Linux desktops.

and on windows, check the binaries that exists, peruse,rkward, labplot, umbrello, krita, digikam among others. I use them daily without issue, hope someday calligra is back with windows binaries, sniff-sniff.

Comment I don't buy it. (Score 1) 341

I have seen terrible C++ code and it takes long to get correct. The arrogance of "C++ code is fast" is well known. With Golang they could have written the whole thing faster with similar speed. But even then, I am also suspicious of the C++ is 10x faster than Java for this kind of task. The frameworks or the quality of java code make a huge difference. I am even tempted to take a look in the Cassandra codebase to see what went wrong. Maybe the problem is that they have not updated to Java 7 or 8 practices which in my opinion is half of performance lost. The other half is that people try to have something working correctly and optimise later. But even in that case, I could still try C or D before delving into C++. I really don't buy the whole argument.

Comment A win for FOSS and AMD (Score 3, Insightful) 144

While the intended workflow for data crunching on the desktop is typically served by R/Python/Julia among others, there are times you have to do some processing for a huge amount of data for a spreadsheet you have open in front of you. This is where AMD/LibreOffice will shine and this is a good motive to buy AMD and LibreOffice.

Comment A new target for blobs (Score 1) 86

" But what would that mean, and what other big next steps are there?" Step 1. Quantum blobs for drivers. Step 2. Quantum NDA for quantum driver development. Step 3. Quantum blobby firmware that you can use from their quantum app center only. Step 4. Quantum secure boot. You cannot install quantum linux on this quantum computer, quantum corporates are quantum mechanically holding you from your quantum .... Step 5. Stallman dies accidentally in a Schroedinger quantum experiment because he tried to persuade people that FOSS has the same power to liberate people in both classical and quantum reality.

Comment Some corrections... (Score 0) 386

Who have heard of Cyclone? -> Rust is Cyclone Who have heard of Vala? -> The Gnome developers? As far as Limbo/BitC they are academic attempt. One more correction. The article talks about C++ and comes into conclusion that C++ is the best. If you follow the logic you can safely assume that C11 is the best language ever. It is even better than C++ because you can write code in C call it from D, export a C header for the DLL and call it from Go. Can you do it in C++ without wrappers? Mine is bigger than yours. Moreover there are more compilers for C than C++.

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