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Comment Re:After the service I got on the ipad1 to ios5 (Score 1) 537

I really suggest you look around. Ios 5 on ipad 1 problems are happening across that board. Google ios 5 buggy to see the 10 s of thousands of comments on this.

A patch was due last nov, it was delayed to fix the problems with this release. I can see over 100 crashes submitted back to apple in the last 7 days, And that is just me, this is just two weeks after doing a full reset.


Bethesda Criticized Over Buggy Releases 397

SSDNINJA writes "This editorial discusses the habit of Bethesda Softworks to release broken and buggy games with plans to just fix the problems later. Following a trend of similar issues coming up in their games, the author begs gamers to stop supporting buggy games and to spread the idea that games should be finished and quality controlled before release – not weeks after."

Comment Re:Duh... (Score 1) 428

"I think that they are one of the few companies that get it"

Hmmmmm. I had a trial subscription, £1 per month or something, until it stopped for no reason. Several weeks later they sent me a letter (even though they had my email) to tell me the bank DD didn't work, together with a seeming random bank error string that looked like a line from a core dump. I phoned them up, they didn't know how to fix it, and that was the end of that.

Comment primary school! (Score 1) 252

Christ, this is little kids, they never did WW2 or the victorians anyway. Just like the comment on the story says, you draw pictures of vikings and romans at that age, you don't study the damm Potsdam Conference!

You teach WW2 at secondary, in a long segment, starting with WW1 to get everything in context. The same as we have been doing for years.


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