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Comment Then how about a real connector locking mechanism (Score 1) 406

... for modern connectors?

All HDMI and DisplayPort connectors have a cheap tension-grip connector (at best). It's not like I'm moving my PC around all the time, but hell, if I bump my tower, any one of my HDMI/DisplayPort monitors comes slightly loose and constantly try to reestablish handshake.

Tension-based connectors are garbage. Sure, they disconnect easily, but I don't always WANT them to disconnect easily. The old screw/standoff connection was rock solid.

Comment Re:Transcribed voicemail (Score 1) 237

I'd be okay with transcribed voicemail, but even "good" ones are still incredibly shitty at it. For instance, here's an ACTUAL transcribed message from a recent voicemail:

"Armed already reported it. Gilbert Fairchild, The. Sex describe this 3 black males in her to use two had tons already reported that your birth. Fairchild, the sexist drive this 3 black mqales in her to use. Yeah for more information."

That's Google Voice. So I end up having to listen to the message anyway. Transcription has a looooooong way to go before it becomes anything more than something to laugh at.

Comment The usual responses (Score 1) 323

Seriously, almost all of these modded-up responses strike me as a bit crazy. Is it so mad to believe that we, as a species, might be doing things that we could be doing better? I've been around these forums for long enough to know (and feel myself) that the "think of the children!" arguments get overused, but is it so unthinkable that we need to identify anything that goes against our own parenting styles as "horseshit" or "screwy"?

We're all a bit damaged in our own ways. Whatever we've dealt with (or probably more importantly, haven't dealt with) growing up shows up in our own parenting. I know we all think that we're all perfectly functioning adults with the sure-fire recipe for creating the next generation of perfectly functioning adults, but are we? We're a violent species who thinks that the solution to problems is a display of authority, usually by physical means. Little Johnny getting out of line? A small whack will put him right back into his place! That'll teach him, right?

Come on.

The technocrat response on these forums is old, and shows a lot as to why we fail as a society at identifying and correcting problems before they explode into tragedies. A little empathy goes a long way, and our knee-jerk reaction of "but this is how we've always done it!" isn't productive. The fact that we treat children like tiny adults is pretty screwed up.

Comment Re:These people are doing it to themselves (Score 4, Insightful) 907

Yeah poor people, suck it up and call an ambulance. It's only a couple extra grand tacked on to your hospital bill anyway.

Wait, you mean this whole situation BEGAN with financial problems, and this would only compound the issue? Oh, I guess it isn't so easy as "call an ambulance" and "don't be a stereotype."

Comment Re:If only there was an update tool from xp to win (Score 1) 641


From the associated doc in your link:
"To upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows Vista or Windows XP, you'll need to install it from a Windows 8.1 DVD and perform a clean installation. This means you won't be able to keep any files, settings, or programs when you upgrade."

That's definitely not an "in-place" upgrade, which is what the OP wants, I'm guessing. (I know it's what I want.)

Comment This again? (Score 1) 306

Seriously, it seems like this question comes up every few (2-6) months. Can we have the submitters just search the archives before posting? It's not like there's been some sea change in IT world that would preclude the same answers.

Over and over.

And over.

Can we just get back to stale tech news already?

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