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Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 794

I'm curious about this - do you grab people's junk before using a gendered pronoun with them, or just ask? It seems really awkward.

Follow-up question - if you're not having sex with them, why do you care about what they have between their legs? It seems a bit weird to me to put that much emphasis on someone else's genitals, but hey, whatever floats your boat!

Comment Re:Violence or discrimination? (Score 2) 434

Stating specifically what they are concerned with in this particular case doesn't state that they aren't also concerned with other behaviors if they see them. They mentioned the specific behaviors they found problematic in this case.

However, by all means, if you see advertisers on this network engaging in hate speech against majority groups, you should bring it to their attention.

Comment Trump and his supporters should DEMAND a recount. (Score 1) 1321

They're certain he won fair and square and keep on saying there's a mandate for him, right?

If they're smart, they'll insist on a recount so that they can remove any doubt about the legitimacy of this election.

If they're actually interested in democracy, they'll want to make sure that everything is above board.

I actually don't know why we don't automatically recount after an election, period, if only to make sure we got something this important correct.

Comment Re:Understandable, but foolish (Score 1) 386

You don't have to wonder - just look at migration to the US in the 18th and 19th centuries.

My grandfather came here from a farm in Mongolia in 1906, alone, at the age of 12, and found himself in New York City. That might as well have been going 500 years into the future, just he did it by boat rather than time machine. Given the difficulties at the time as well, there was no going back.

People did it all the time back then, and still kind of do today, though arguably globalization has made it substantially less jarring. Some fail, some merely survive, and some manage to thrive.

Comment Re:So you slag Trump by objectifying his wife? (Score 1) 143

There's a bit of difference between using pictures a person had taken voluntarily for sexual gratification and actually objectifying the person themselves.

Or, in another way of putting it, just because someone posed for explicit pictures does not mean that's the sum total of their value as a person, which is what "sexual objectification" is usually taken to mean - they aren't a person, but an object that has no value other than to be used for sexual gratification.

Given what I've read from you in the past, I'm pretty sure you'd agree she's still a human being, even if she is married to a walking bottle of spray tan with a shitty hairpiece.

Comment Re:Do not push this button (Score 2) 192

Thesupraman has everything right and I'm just filling in background.

What makes a radioisotope dangerous is
1. A long enough half-life that it is still around when the plume reaches its first victims
2. A short enough half-life to be intensely radioactive.
3. A tendency to get stuck in the body by looking like something the body normally uses. Strontium-90 mimics calcium. Iodine is iodine.

I've seen potassium iodide in mail order catalogs.

Comment Hotline numbers and other resources (Score 4, Informative) 381

US: 1-800-273-8255 is a 24/7 suicide prevention hotline, which also advises people dealing with a suicidal loved one or friend.

For US active duty military and veterans:
Veteran's Crisis Line:
Press 1
or text 838255

confidential chat available at:

Specifically for support of trans* people, has a US hotline number +18775658860 and a Canadian toll-free number +18773306366.

For LGBT teenagers and young adults, http://www.thetrevorproject.or.... They also have a hotline number, 866-488-7386.

If you're a friend or bystander, these are relevant.
Suicide threats on social media:
If you're in the US this is a guide to reaching emergency services outside your own area:
Immediate steps you can take:

Comment This isn't a victory for Behring-Breivik. (Score 3, Insightful) 491

Someone once pointed out that hoping a rapist gets raped in prison isn't a victory for his victim(s), because it somehow gives him what he had coming to him, but it's actually a victory for rape and violence. I wish I could remember who said that, because they are right. The score doesn't go Rapist: 1 World: 1. It goes Rape: 2.

What this man did is unspeakable, and he absolutely deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. If he needs to be kept away from other prisoners as a safety issue, there are ways to do that without keeping him in solitary confinement, which has been shown conclusively to be profoundly cruel and harmful.

Putting him in solitary confinement, as a punitive measure, is not a victory for the good people in the world. It's a victory for inhumane treatment of human beings. This ruling is, in my opinion, very good and very strong for human rights, *precisely* because it was brought by such a despicable and horrible person. It affirms that all of us have basic human rights, even the absolute worst of us on this planet.

Comment Re:Justice (Score 2) 99

That depends on whose version of the incident response costs is true.

The defense as I understand it says it was a matter of clicking revert and took less time than scrubbing out graffiti.

The prosecution claims the cost to the victim was 333 hours. On the other hand they included some response work to different incidents for which he had not been on trial.

Comment Re:I fail to see the problem here (Score 1) 93

Burdell has pointed out the real story.

"The search warrant seeks to have Microsoft â" which owns Skype â" provide the government with logs and the content of conversations and written messages made on Ciccoloâ(TM)s account, as well as passwords."

If Microsoft is in fact recording the content of Skype conversations, that really is news for nerds.

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