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Comment Anyone who says such things is a traitor (Score 1) 534

Obama said:

Until that time, what I've tried to suggest -- both to the American people, but also to the world -- is that we do have to balance this issue of privacy and security.

Anyone who says such things is a traitor to America, plain and simple.

When they say such things, what they are really saying is that they believe the people should be willing to give up (some of, or all of) their Fourth Amendment right to privacy for the sake of increased security against a risk that has always been, and will likely always be, with us from now until the end of time. It's a blatant power grab, pure and simple.

They're trying to "balance" the privacy and security scales by removing weight from the privacy side and adding weight to the security side, so that the scale is thus "balanced". That's what they mean by "balancing": taking away our rights. Our liberties. For the sake of safety.

Well excuse the crap out of me but the Constitution of the United States of America DOES NOT NEED BALANCING! They're just fine where they're at on the scale thankyouverymuch.


"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase
a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

-- Benjamin Franklin

Comment Re:Account recovery is ALWAYS the weakest link (Score 1) 106

"It's why I hate "recovery questions", they're usually bad questions that anyone could find out, and if I use some other answer, then I'm likely to forget what it is anyway."

The you're doing it wrong.

You should not have to remember your bogus answers. You should instead record them in your encrypted password safe.

I probably have over 100 different accounts at 100 different sites all over the web and each and every one of them has a different randomly generated strong password and nonsense security questions (when they let me compose my own) and corresponding nonsense answer, and I can assure you I don't have nary a one of them memorized.

Because I don't have to. I use a password safe.

The only people that whine about how difficult it is to remember passwords or answers to security questions are those who, like fools that don't understand or practice good security, use the same password for multiple web sites (because <whine!> they otherwise can't remember all of their passwords! </whine!>).

Stop whining and doing it wrong and start doing it right by taking security seriously: use a damn password safe so each and every account you have can have a completely different password and/or security question/answer!

Comment Re:Analysis of the videos (Score 0, Troll) 251

Bottom line is: not everything that "trends" under automatic algorithms (which would be filtered out by humans too scared of what they're seeing) is bullshit.

Quite right. The twin towers and building 7 were all brought down by controlled demolition, and anyone who believes otherwise has either: a) not bothered to look at the overwhelming evidence supporting the theory, or: b) has looked at the evidence but is in self denial over it due to the extreme cognitive dissonance that frequently results in people who attempt to seriously entertain such a belief.

Comment Re:the more guns you have, the more likely you are (Score 1) 212

Waht the FRICK does this have to do with "what are anonymous ways to pay for goods and services"?!

And WHY the frick was it moderated "Informative?"

Guns and methods of suicide have NOTHING to do with anonymous ways to pay for good and services! What has happened to slashdot moderation lately?

Comment Re:the more guns you have, the more likely you are (Score 0) 212

WTF does this have to do with "what are anonymous ways to pay for goods and services"?!

And WTF ( WHY the frick) was it moderated "Informative?"

Guns and methods of suicide have JACK to do with anonymous ways to pay for good and services! What has happened to slashdot?

Comment Re:Come on (Score 3, Insightful) 75

For the last 100 years any idiot could 'hack' the patient file hanging on the foot of the bed with a tool called a 'pen', changing 5 milligrams to 75 or whatever.

Quite true, but in order to do that you had to be physically present.

Now you need some brains.

Brains is not the problem.

The fact that you can do such nefarious hacking remotely is the problem. You no longer need to be physically present.

THAT is what is concerning.

Comment Re: Remove KB 2952664 and what else? (Score 1) 394

It appears these updates are usage trackers:

KB 2952664
KB 3022345

No. KB 2952664 is a Compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7. It has nothing to do with telemetry.

And KB 3022345 -- which does have to do with telemetry -- has been superseded by KB 3068708.

Other telemetry updates are:

  • KB 3075249 "Update that adds telemetry points to consent.exe in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7"
  • KB 3080149 "Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry"

Then there is KB 3021917 ("Update to Windows 7 SP1 for performance improvements") which is sort of a telemetry update insomuch as it does indeed send back telemetry data to Microsoft, but supposedly only data related to performance issues and not actual usage.

That's all I know about.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 2) 517

I agree about the .NET recompiles which seem to always occur just after a Windows Update, but proposing that as the cause of the OP's problem is just a WAG. Proper investigation into the problem is the only reliably way to get to the bottom of the problem.

What I'm trying to say is you should just offer intelligent GUESSES, but rather offer guidance in how to gather the necessary empirical hard evidence of precisely WHAT is causing the slowdown.

Process Explorer should help a lot in this regard, but Windows itself has a Performance Monitor feature that should allow them to dig even deeper.

Don't guess. Know.

Comment Re:People buy stuff without understanding is... (Score 2) 321

To quote my own Mother, "I don't want to learn all that technical stuff, I just want to use my computer".

Yea, I have to say, I have to clean her machine off of crap every year. Every time I go over there, Internet Explorer has 5 or 6 toolbars installed because she clicks on everything.

And no, she won't let me restrict and lock down the machine, I've tried that.

Then she shouldn't be allowed anywhere near any computer that's connected to the Internet.


An Internet connected computer in the wrong hands can be a very dangerous threat to the rest of us who share the Information Super-Highway with her. Her incompetence and irresponsibility can seriously hurt a lot of people very quickly.

She is behaving like a person who wants to drive a car but is not interested in obtaining a license that proves she knows how to operate said motor vehicle is a safe manner. She just wants to get on the road. To hell with leaning how to drive!

That's irresponsible.

If she cannot take the time to learn how to safely operate a computer connected to the Internet or cannot demonstrate that she knows how to do so, then she should NOT be alowed anywhere near one.

At least not without close supervision.

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 345

IMO only a very foolish company or gov't entity would ever allow a computer running an antiquated insecure operating system controlling a very expensive and critical piece of company equipment to be connected to the internet or rely on a vendor that doesn't support an operating system any newer than one that's already 12 years old which they knew for years ahead of time was no longer going to be supported.

But then maybe that's just me.

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