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Comment Useless feature, responsible for most ... (Score 1) 70

Pocket Dialing, how many times have you pocket dialed, or received a pocket dial? Blame it all on the slide to unlock feature.

After my pocket dialing episode ~5 years ago, I switched to pattern unlock on my Andriod phone (NO more packet dials). It's also helped a couple of times retrieving my misplaced phone. Definiitly reduces desiriblity for the finder to keep a lost or misplaced phone.

Submission + - SPAM: Mylan to Settle EpiPen Overpricing Case for $465 Million

schwit1 writes: Mylan, the maker of the allergy treatment EpiPen, said Friday that it had reached a $465 million settlement with the Justice Department and other government agencies over questions on whether the company had overcharged Medicaid for the treatment by improperly classifying it as a generic drug.

The federal government said this week that Mylan had been told multiple times that it was wrongly classifying the EpiPen, which led the Medicaid and Medicare programs to overpay for the product. Although it has not been disclosed how much it had overpaid, officials said spending on the EpiPen totaled nearly $1.3 billion from 2011 to 2015.

Mylan has been under intense scrutiny since the summer for raising the price of EpiPen to more than $600 for a pack of two from about $100 since it bought the product in 2007.

In a statement, Mylan said the settlement did not imply any admission of wrongdoing. It also said the settlement had not been finalized, and that it expected to enter into a corporate integrity agreement with the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Submission + - International Space Station to Trial Aussie-designed Ion Thruster (

theweatherelectric writes: Barney Porter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation writes, "An Australian-designed rocket propulsion system is heading to the International Space Station (ISS) for a year-long experiment that ultimately could revolutionise space travel. The technology could be used to power a return trip to Mars without refuelling, and use recycled space junk for the fuel. Former University of Sydney student, Dr Paddy Neumann — now of Neumann Space — and two co-inventor professors from his alma mater have developed an ion thruster that could replace the current chemical-based rocket propulsion technology, which requires huge volumes of fuel to be loaded onto a spacecraft."

Comment Re:So I was watching Nat Geo this weekend.... (Score 0) 221

Survive Nuclear war.. I don't thinbk so..

While detonating a few Gigatons worth of nuclear weapons over various targets would be bad.

Far worse would be the hundreed's of Giga ton's of fission byproducts released into the biosphere from destoryed/damaged/unattended nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools around world. At best average human life expetancy would drop into the low to mid 20's

Submission + - U of Calif. San Diego chancellor is a director of outsoucer hired by UCSF (

dcblogs writes: The offshore outsourcing planned at the University of California's San Francisco (UCSF) campus is following a standard playbook. The affected employees expect to train their replacements as a condition of severance. Their jobs will soon be in India and they'll be out of work. But the chancellor of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Pradeep K. Khosla, may still be getting compensated by HCL Infosystems. It is one of the units of India-based HCL, the IT services contractor hired by the university. Khosla is an independent and non-executive director on the HCL Infosystems board of directors. Khosla has reported his HCL compensation to the university at $12,000 last year for 56 hours of total time served. He also earns $12,000 from Infosys Science Foundation as chair of the engineering and computer science jury, according to the compensation report. When asked if the university's contract with HCL creates a conflict for Khosla, a UCSD spokeswoman,replied: "The contract was negotiated between UCSF and HCL; it did not involve Chancellor Pradeep Khosla in any way, nor was it discussed at any HCL meeting that Chancellor Khosla attended." But the HCL contract can be leveraged by any UC campus. The "HCL agreement is UC-wide," according to notes from the university's system-wide Architecture Committee. "Other CIOs looking at UCSF experience before other folks dip in. Wait for a year before jumping in with HCL." Another issue for the university may be having an association generally with the offshore outsourcing industry, which works at displacing U.S. IT workers, including computer science grads of institutions such as the University of California.

Submission + - 77% of Ad Blocking Users Feel Guilty about Blocking Ads ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: A new survey has found that 77% of ad blocking users feel “some guilt” about blocking ads. This goes against common stereotypes that ad blocking users don’t care about digital content publishers losing revenue, and suggests that if publishers took steps to make their ads less intrusive and less annoying, users might be more tolerant of their advertising.

The report was primarily focused on users’ whitelisting behavior, their feeling and reactions toward publishers who utilize anti-ad blocking tactics, and their thoughts on online advertising in general.

Comment Re:I wish them well (Score 1) 259

The second sentence should be, "He taught them how to "...

30 years ago, was a different age of computing where the computer industry was full of very talented people trained in other fields.. We don't have that anymore, Microsoft, Intel, HP, etc, laid them all off, (older employees), and would never hire someone that hasn't been through their indoctrination regime.

Comment Re:I wish them well (Score 1) 259

The last time Microsoft had anyone qualified in the fields organic chemistry/biology working with on a M$/IBM project was around thirty years ago. He though them how to implement a superior testing regime for their Operating systems using laboratory/statistical/analysis techniques.

I really doubt Microsoft is wise enough to employ those type of cross trained experts anymore.

As for curing cancer in ten years, they have a better chance of initiating some form of Apocalypse, ( PC OS mono culture, with Billions of PC's being taken over), triggering WWIII, release of a bio-weapon, nano-replicators, etc., rather than curing cancer. With everybody dead, cancer in humans is definitely cured, ergo Microsoft get's the credit posthumously.


Comment I haven't seen this app on Samsung.. (Score 1) 97

In the first sentence of the first linked article it mentions Samsung phones are infected with this backdoor, I'm asking why would that be?

I've got two rooted SAMSUNG galaxy class phones. Neither of them has this app installed. Why would Samsung allow a Rival to install modules on the phones they manufacturer, sell, support, and warranty?

Submission + - Ford moving all production of small cars from U.S. to Mexico (

FlyHelicopters writes: More jobs continue to leave the country, now Ford has quietly announced to investors that all small car production is moving to Mexico... Can SUVs and Pickup Trucks be far behind? For now, those will stay, but like the frog in boiling water, they are moving it slowly a bit at a time so people don't notice, right up until Ford becomes a foreign car company while no one was watching...

Comment Re:The agreement is legal (Score 1) 579

One should not forget that Ireland received a large banking Bailout(61B euro, 25% NPL's) from the ECB and IMF not too long ago. Ergo, it is illegal to make sweet heart deals with 3rd parties(Apple) allowing them to avoid paying taxes incurred in other member states(EU).

I.E. You can't be just a little bit pregnant, (member of EU). Either your all in, or not, that was the choice Britain just made.

Comment Internal weld gave out... Thermal stress,, (Score 3, Interesting) 266

Inside LOX tank their are anti slosh baffles made out aluminum which are welded to the inside of the tank. During fueling those welds will be under thermal stress, if one of the welds gave out it would expose Al metal to the LOX then BOOM. The tank material itself reacted with the Pure O2.

It's the nature of the beast when dealing with LOX tanks. 1st)It would be wise to let the tank sit with a pressurized with a couple of psi of O2 for several weeks building up a thicker ceramic AlO2 layer. 2nd) implement a staged cool down procedure before filling tank with cryonic oxygen to reduce stress on welds..

Comment Re:Good. We are all N. Koreans today (Score 1) 243

Our Ohio class boomer fleet uses Magneto Optical Disks for targeting, but that was some time ago.. They may have upgraded since. N Korea goal is to detonate an EMP burst over the USA from orbit. The USA will retaliate against N Korea city''s & military and EMP their supporters China+Russia in kind, leaving neither side with a real advantage.

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