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Comment Re:Death and Taxes. (Score 5, Funny) 56

I mean if someone was to go into their server room with a hatchet and some butane...

A hatchet and some butane? What an obscure choice. Did you just look around your room to see what was there? I mean, some things that would make sense:

  • A sledge hammer and some diesel fuel.
  • An axe and some ethanol.
  • A pipe wrench and some JP4.
  • A baseball bat and some gasoline.
  • A light saber and some isopropyl butanol.
  • A piece of DOM mild steel pipe and some xylene.
  • A pair of wire cutters and red fuming nitric acid.
  • A pomegranete and two fingers of Jack Daniels.

But a hatchet and some butane?

Yeah, someone will mod me offtopic, but what a losiferous topic. "News flash: lots of people play Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games!". Uh, yeah, otherwise they'd be called JAFGOWDTSDs: "Just A Few Geeks Online With Digital Twenty Sided Dice". Oh, other news flash people actually pay to play games! Wow! Amazing.

It was supposed to be "funny".

Submission + - Cassini discovers seas on Titan, Saturn's moon

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC reports that Nasa's Cassini probe has found evidence for seas, probably filled with liquid hydrocarbons, at the high northern latitudes of Saturn's moon Titan. The dark features, detected by Cassini's radar, are much bigger than any lakes already detected on Titan. The largest is some 100,000 sq km — greater in extent than North America's Lake Superior. It covers a greater fraction of Titan than the proportion of Earth covered by the Black Sea.

Submission + - Who's behind the anti-Goog Information-Revolution?

mstrom writes: Walk on the tube (metro) in London anytime now and you'll adverts plastered around asking "Who controls 75% of the worlds information?", "Who is controlling your information?" inviting you to join the "Information Revolution" by going to Trouble is, it doesn't say who's behind this revolution. This revolutions most recent trick was to laser-beam a huge advert onto the Houses Of Parliament. It's homepage provides the answer to choice — a search box that lets you choose which search engine to use (well, one of the big-4 anyway) — this is the information revolution!

The entries on their site use hip hand-scrawled or sidewalk-chalked messages to give it a viral buzz as though this is truly a community-sourced revolution. Slick it certainly is, too slick. Hundreds of feedback comments on the site are questioning who is behind it and expressing huge disappointment that a campaign that truly got them to think led them to what seems to be a very expensive anonymous attack on Google.

The culprit looks like non other than — the domain name is registered by Performo who list Ask and Yahoo among their clients. But the actual website is otherwise shrouded in secrecy. The biggest clue is the search links on their homepage — is the first link and choose Ask as your search provider and then search for Google or Yahoo and hey presto! you get an "Information Revolution" advert courtesy of Ask. So a valid question — why does Google own most of the worlds information — but a bad answer — use Ask. The real question remains — why the secrecy, why is the Information Revolution anonymous and was Ask trying to trick us into thinking their really is a revolution against Google?

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