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Comment Re:Wow... (Score 4, Informative) 534

What did Sony do wrong? Obviously, they could do nothing about a suitably well-equipped hacker physically modifying a PS3 to stop it from verifying at all, or to always return "yup, all good" regardless of the verification outcome; similarly, a firmware bug could allow the same outcome without the expense of physical modification; but how could it be that they would have to put anything in their client(no matter how well hidden by hardware obfuscation/TPMs/smarcards/whatever) that could be used to compute their private key? Isn't a public key, which is a totally safe piece of data to disclose, all you need to verify whether or not something has been signed with the matching private key?

From my layman's understanding of what they did (View the actual conference footage here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPjd6gHY6A4 ), they don't HAVE the private key. Sony made a big mistake in their key generation method, where they were supposed to use a random value for one variable, they used a static value. Because of that, you're able to generate valid signed packages without the private key.

Comment Re:How did they get the private key, if they did? (Score 1) 534

They don't have Sony's signing key, from what I've read. What they have is a flaw in the key generation process, which allows them to generate valid signed packages without the private key. In fact, here's the video from the conference itself:


Submission + - Sony's PS3 Jailbroken Forever (psgroove.com) 1

ReportedlyWorking writes: It appears that Sony's PS3 has been fatally compromised. At the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, a team named "fail0verflow" revealed that they had calculated the Private Keys, which would let them or anyone else, generate signed software for the PS3. Additionally, they also claim to have a method of jailbreaking the PS3 without the use of a Dongle, which is the current method. If all these statements are true, this opens the door to custom firmware, homebrew software, and OtherOS! Assuming that Sony doesn't take radical action and invalidate their private keys, this could mean that Jailbreaking is viable on all PS3, regardless of their firmware!

"Approximately a half hour in, the team revealed their new PS3 secrets, the moment we all were waiting for. One of the major highlights here was, dongle-less jailbreaking by overflowing the bootup NOR flash, giving complete control over the system. The other major feat, was calculating the public private keys (due to botched security), giving users the ability to sign their own SELFs Following this, the team declared Sony's security to be EPIC FAIL!"


Submission + - MechWarrior: Living Legends enters Public Beta (mechlivinglegends.net)

Fireye writes: After several years in development, the fan-made Mechwarrior addon for Crysis has entered a public Beta phase! Featured are a smattering of Clan and Inner Sphere Battlemechs, along with Aerospace fighters and Tanks. While it's clear that there's a lot of work yet to be done, the game offers new hope to a somewhat stalled series. Until Smith and Tinker's Mechwarrior sees the light of day, this is the best bet for any Mech Jock to get his or her fix! Catch some of the gameplay here.

Submission + - Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Unveiled and Price Slashed

An anonymous reader writes: The rumors of a Playstation 3 being slashed from $399 to $299 is here and K-Mart let the cat out of the bag as it features an ad on its home page that reveals the price cuts as well as the announcement of a new Sony PS3 Slim edition, priced at only $299. You can go ahead and preorder the new PS3 Slim for $299 and it will be available on August 24th, 2009. Sony has a press event today, which I'm sure will announce the details of the new PS3 Slim as well as the price reduction. Perhaps there will be even more news to be had.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 711

That specifies the computer-end of the cable, whereas this vote indicates an Electrical Wall Socket.

Most desktop power cables connect to the wall in the NEMA 5-15 connector. The only time I've seen IEC C13/14 connectors at the "wall" socket was on a PDU in a datacenter.

Comment Re:Woo-hoo (Score 2, Informative) 229

Up until (as a previous poster mentioned) LosTech (Old Star League technology) was rediscovered, what I said was true. All MechWarrior games after the first were set post-clan invasion, which is after the Inner Sphere began to recover methods and technology on the creation of BattleMechs. The Clans never lost that tech, so building mechs wasn't as large an issue for them. ... also, pretty much all of the MechWarrior games so far have been pretty Action/Arcadey. It's nescessary to have a multitude of enemies, so the limitations of the fictional universe weren't applied nearly as strictly.

Regarding adaptation, I think you're partially correct, within the confines of the fictional universe. Yes, weapons can be adapted to fit mechs that weren't designed for them, but I'd guess it's extremely unlikely that you could do it effectively in the field. It'd be like taking an afternoon to put a 600hp rotary engine in a Corolla. Also, the weapons may not have been so compartmentalized back in 3015. Sure, you could probably weld on a weapon to a part of the Chassis, but did you plan for the added weight in that area? Did you make sure that enough power was routed there? Do you have localized heatsinks ready to dissipate the heat involved with firing that weapon?

This game seems to be based upon the defense of a fairly backwater planet from a Kurita invasion. Based on that subject, I think it's unlikely that there would be too much customization of weapons possible, if it sticks true(er) to the fictional universe.

Comment Re:The emphasis on the xbox 360 scares me. (Score 1) 229

This point is addressed directly in the interview that IGN did.

IGN: That actually brings me to my next question. As far as PC gamers were concerned, part of the appeal of controlling your mech in the MechWarrior franchise was feeling like you were in control of your mech, having access to multiple cockpit commands at one time with your keyboard and your mouse. How are you planning to keep this classic control scheme feel, and will you be adding any new elements for your mechs, especially now that you want to create this full cockpit experience?

Russ Bullock: First and foremost, in this day and age and this time, we've all played the PC games in the past and absolutely loved them. But certainly going forward, just out of necessity and because we think we can, we're definitely very focused also on the Xbox 360. So we're very focused on the console standpoint moving forward. Now, we still need to work out a lot with our chosen publishing partner, so some of these questions will become answered, but I think that Jordan and I are in agreement that we want to make a MechWarrior game.

The MechAssault games were interesting in the role they played inside the universe for the consoles at the time, but we feel the technology is there that we can make a true MechWarrior game, a MechWarrior experience on both the Xbox 360 and the PC and not lose anything from that true MechWarrior feeling. We feel confident obviously in the PC and its control scheme that can be realized because it's been done before. But for the Xbox 360, we've spent a lot of thought and a lot of time in playing around with the controller and finding ways to give the same level of control in the way that you throttle, in the way that you turn and move, use your jump jets, and everything that gives you that MechWarrior experience that doesn't turn it into a power-up pickup sort of arcade style game. So that is something that we're spending a lot of time on â" all the answers aren't there yet, but we want to make a MechWarrior experience and we feel like we can do it both on the 360 and the PC.

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