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Comment Criteria (Score 2) 284

> So, it becomes time-consuming for her to open each file alongside the final-result file to see if it's 'too perfect.'"

How is it that she's grading these? One would assume the grade depends on similarity to the target image or the layers embedded in the file [1] which should be dependent on comparing the student file against the master.

Or is it yet another "Best try" scheme? "You tried, Timmy, so I give you an 'A'".

[1] Does Photoshop embed the history inside the file? It's been awhile since I've worked with it.

Comment Re:Cmon people... (Score 1) 819

Oddly enough, your car's VIN tag doesn't call your state DMV every 90 days, nor does it provide clues as to the location of your car if it did.

I get the 'only dishonest people need to worry' concept, I really do. The thing is, this is in large part a privacy invasion. You'd be surprised what someone can learn about you from something as simple as 'a computer running Win7 with an OEM key assigned to > reported from ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'

Comment Revisionist music, anyone? (Score 1) 279

"Using the new technology, music labels and bands will be able to send updates to the music files – with tour dates, interviews or updates to social networking pages – while illegally-downloaded files remain static. "

It seems to me that an unspoken option to the above is that not only can content be added, it can also be removed or changed. Imagine having an 'Enhanced' MP3 with explicit language that you've paid for. Two weeks later, some parents' group sues the record publisher over the content of the track. The very next time you listen to the track, the original language has been replaced by a reference to warm puppies.

I'll take my music unchangable, thank you.

Comment Re:You are not the customer (Score 1) 279

The problem is, a significant percentage of the music-buying public would have to disappear in a very short span of time for the advertisers to notice, let alone pull out. Voting with your wallet is a valiant ideal, but the reality is that the vast majority of music buyers *arent* reading ./, they're reading TMZ (et al).

To paraphrase the troll,

The market is the root node of the money supply.

The customer is just a very small part of the market.

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