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Comment Re:Maybe if you're single (Score 1) 207

I know what you mean, we had to set some ground rules at my place. If either one of us was working less, they did more housework. I work 70 hours a week and my wife 55 hours a week, we do some each, she does more. If our positions were reversed then the proportions would reverse. If she didn't work, I'd expect her to do most and visa versa.

Comment Re:As long as.... (Score 1) 908

You shouldn't have to take the English classes. You've already passed high school, it you're at uni you should already be able to write essays. I had to do English and communication subjects where I learned basically nothing. I just wrote the three assessment essays required, got distinctions in both subjects and got on with my course. They could have been electives and I wouldn't have done them as I didn't need to do them. Waste of time and money.

Comment Re:Difficulty? (Score 1) 908

Yes it's no less difficult, just different. My degree had a steep maths requirement which I struggled with, this not being a strong area for me. The annoying thing is I never used the advanced maths again after first year and not in my masters as I work in an area that doesn't use advanced maths. I now work with brilliant people who had to take the advanced maths two or three times to just pass and they don't need it either. I remember people who couldn't get it and dropped out, one had high distinctions in all his other subjects, but couldn't pass the maths requirements. The author is correct, if you don't need to use advanced maths, then you shouldn't have to take them. They were a complete waste of time and money for me and made my life very stressful at the time.It's like requiring advanced French to be a doctor. If it's not necessary for your course/career, then it should be optional. You can make the argument that it's good for people to work through it, but some people are not good at some things and I have chosen not to work in those areas, so I shouldn't be forced to do them. I'm good at languages, that doesn't make me better at my job, I can also run fast and far, that doesn't matter either. I hate advanced maths, that doesn't matter either! I don't need it. It has never helped me.

Comment Re:No comparison (Score 1) 132

Can they not have one engine that's "special" and can throttle down further, maybe at the cost of some peak power? Or have two "specials" for redundancy. I suppose it would depend on whether they need every bit of thrust on takeoff for that mission. They could maybe have the "special" version of the Falcon9 for non-max-power missions for easier landings, and only use the standard rig Falcon for the heavy launches?

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